See the farewell video for The Doctor Who Experience

Doctor Who Experience

All good things, right?

Over the past years, people have come from all over the world to Cardiff, to visit The Doctor Who Experience. The constantly-busy attraction has played host to a growing collection of Doctor Who exhibits, as well as an adventure with the Doctor to walk through. Got to be said, the coffee wasn’t bad either.

But the lease is up on the premises, and the Doctor Who Experience closed its doors for the last time on Saturday. Cardiff Council has come in for criticism for not working to renew said lease, but it’s all a done deal now. And a terrific tourist attraction has closed.

To mark the end of the Doctor Who Experience, a special video was produced. And you can see it right here…

The BBC has said that “news of how we are planning further ways of taking Doctor Who directly to our audience, and how we are using the filming locations to continue the commercial presence of Doctor Who in Cardiff, will be communicated in due course”. Hope so.