Trust Me gets a second series – but without Jodie Whittaker

Trust Me episode 3 review

Here’s a surprise piece of news: the BBC has decided to commission a second series of last summer’s hit medical drama Trust Me. But that’s not the surprisingly bit: rather that Jodie Whittaker won’t be returning in the show. In fact, it seems as though none of the acting ensemble will!

Whittaker was very much the heart of the four episodes we got in series one, but perhaps inevitably, her commitment to making Doctor Who seemed to have ruled her out of the next series.

Writer and creator Dan Sefton is returning though, and four new episodes will make up series two. The new series “follows Captain James (Jamie) McKay, the sole survivor of a shock enemy attack on tour in Syria. Recovering from a spinal injury which has left him barely able to move and battling the psychological scars from losing his friends, he faces a new enemy as people on the ward die unexpectedly around him. But is the threat real, or imagined?”

A new cast is being brought in for the new series, that’ll presumably be filming this year.