‘Torchwood’ audio story review: Ianto returns in ‘Fall To Earth’

Following Torchwood’s revival on audio for September’s ‘The Conspiracy’, starring John Barrowman’s Captain Jack Harkness, the second release centres on the fan favourite character of Ianto Jones.

Set before his shocking death in 2009’s harrowing Children of Earth, this story finds everyone’s favourite coffee boy turned agent on a rich businessman’s craft for its first private spaceflight.

Of course, something has gone terribly wrong and Ianto finds himself reaching out for help to the first person who comes his way, an insurance telesales cold-caller named Zeynep.

As unusual as the premise might sound, the tale is a real thriller and damned funny at times. In an effort not to spoil it, we’ll say nothing more other than the story does not disappoint and throws a link back to the previous instalment.

Torchwood Fall to Earth Ianto

Gareth David Lloyd reprises Ianto Jones effortlessly, with his character granted the centre stage in a way he never was on the television.

As Ianto forges a working relationship with Zeynep (Lisa Zahra) the story challenges our preconceptions; off her sales script she is witty and capable, providing not only the information Ianto needs to survive, but the motivation to keep going and some wonderfully niche practical skills.

Effectively functioning as a two hander between the pair, backed by some immersive sound design, this hour of Torchwood really demonstrates why is was worth bringing the series back – and sets a high bar for future instalments.

Next time, we can look forward to Eve Myles and Kai Owen as Gwen and Rhys return in ‘Forgotten Lives’.


Released in October 2015 by Big Finish.

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  • Isara

    Jones, Ianto Jones: The Best! And I want much more stories with him (with Jack) in an ACTUAL TW team. Bring Back Ianto!