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‘Toast’ DVD review

The term ‘charming’, when used in this context, could tar a film with connotations of being fluffy and insubstantial; perhaps even twee.

‘Midsomer Murders’: Death In The Slow Lane review

Midsomer Murders is a difficult programme to fathom. At best, it’s an anachronism; a show cut adrift from its spiritual roots in the gentrified ITV police dramas of the ‘80s and ‘90s (Inspector Morse and The Ruth Rendell Mysteries, for example) and caught in a deluge of better, more contemporaneous detective-based shows.

‘Women In Love’: Episode 1 review

Women In Love, a two-part dramatisation of the D.H. Lawrence novels Women In Love and The Rainbow, traces the complex lives of two sexually-liberated sisters living in the early years of the twentieth century.

‘Twenty Twelve’: Episode 2 review

After an opening episode that some felt was disappointing, given the quality of the writer and cast, it’s a relief to announce that the second instalment of Twenty Twelve is very much up to the high comic standard of John Morton’s previous work.

‘Doctor Who’: Red Nose Day 2011 review

We don’t get a new series of Doctor Who until 2011’s ridiculously-late Easter, but in the interim, we have two small and perfectly formed little eggs of a story thanks to Comic Relief, titled ‘Space’ and 'Time'.

‘Christopher And His Kind’ review

Kind can mean a group, the ability to treat others well, and - if your German translation isn’t that hot - child. It’s that mixture of youthfulness, shared experience, and compassion (or lack thereof) that make up the main themes of Christopher And His Kind.

‘The Promise’ DVD review

What with particularly turbulent times in the Middle East recently, this epic four-part war saga from BAFTA award-winning director Peter Kosminsky (Warriors, The Government Inspector), set in the disputed Palestinian territories, certainly has a timely feel.