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Brendon Connelly

Simon Callow’s The Rebel is headed back to our screens

The Rebel is a short, slightly-sharp sitcom based upon comic strips from The Oldie. The first series ran quite discreetly on Gold last year but clearly did sufficiently well to merit a comeback as, today, UKTV have announced a fresh run of six, half-hour episodes – twice the length of the original stretch. Andrew Birch, … >

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Sherlock-themed escape rooms in the pipeline

The transformation of Fast and Furious movies into a a rollercoaster makes horrible sense, and the Saw series obviously translates well into haunted houses, but what do you do when you want to make a visitor attraction out of Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss’ Sherlock? It seems like the BBC might have nailed it. We … >

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Super Hans is back, live and unleashed

Matt King is a phenomenally good value entertainer. He’s stealing every scene he can in the ongoing BBC drama In the Dark, his Paddington cameo is most memorable, and he leaves such an impression in Bronson that the illusion of a one man show by Tom Hardy is thankfully, forgivingly shattered. But there’s no denying … >

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Trust Me episode 3 review

Trailer for the BBC’s other new Jodie Whittaker drama

I’ve seen it myself a surprising amount of times: people who hardly ever watch the BBC. Other times, people who watch very little else. Most of these people were of an older generation, but they’re real. For those who stick to the Beeb, chances to see Jodie Whittaker firing on all cylinders will have been … >

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