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The Kit Curran Radio Show finally getting a DVD release

Recently, the fine folks at Simply Media have brought us some very welcome DVD releases of shows we thought were lost to the archive. We’ve certainly been enjoying our time with Jossy’s Giants for a start. Next, Network is getting in on the act. It’s liberated from the archives the seemingly long-lost The Kit Curran … >

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Jodie Whittaker - Doctor Who

Doctor Who: Torchwood’s Eve Myles on Jodie Whittaker

There had been rumours at one point suggesting that Eve Myles – Gwen in Torchwood, of course – was heading to the cast of Doctor Who series 11 for a return appearance. Not so, apparently, but Myles has nonetheless been chatting about Jodie Whittaker’s turn as the Doctor in a new interview. Talking to the … >

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His Dark Materials starts filming in Oxford

It looks very much as though filming has now begun on the eagerly-awaited new BBC adaptation of His Dark Materials. Based on the Philip Pullman book, the new adaptation stars James McAvoy, Dafne Keen and Clarke Peters. It had been revealed that filming was to head to Oxford city centre this month, but the first … >

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ITV previews its autumn dramas in new trailer

ITV has given us a glimpse at some of its big upcoming dramas, courtesy of a brand trailer showcasing the broadcaster’s autumn slate of shows. There’s a bunch of interesting stuff in here. Of particular interest are Strangers, the new conspiracy mystery starring John Simm. Furthermore, there’s a look at the upcoming drama Butterfly. This … >

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Doctor Who series 11 has a brand new composer

It was late last year when rumours first started that Murray Gold, the composer of Doctor Who’s music since the show’s return in 2005, was leaving the show. Those rumours were subsequently confirmed, but what we didn’t know was the identity of his replacement. But now we do. Segun Akinola has been revealed as the … >

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