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Our 10 favourite things in ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’

There are so many brilliant moments in Star Wars: The Force Awakens that it’s hard to compile a list of the best bits, but here are some of our favourite things in the movie… > Pre-order The Force Awakens on Amazon.   10. The Millennium Falcon Yes, the Millennium Falcon was back (last seen in … >

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Should we see River Song again in ‘Doctor Who’?

Unless you’ve really gone a bit over the top with your spoiler-avoidance, you’ll know that the most recent Doctor Who Christmas special featured the return of Professor River Song after an absence of more than two years. Now that you’ve *hopefully* seen the episode there’s undoubtedly still some questions left to answer. Such as, most … >

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The first ever ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas ep: ‘The Feast of Steven’ revisited

Since 2005, a festive Doctor Who special has become a staple of BBC One’s Christmas Day schedule. But before ‘The Christmas Invasion’, there was ‘The Feast of Steven’; the missing-believed-wiped seventh episode of Season 3’s epic twelve-part ‘The Daleks’ Master Plan’ serial, broadcast on Saturday 25 December 1965. 50 years on from its debut, ‘The … >

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‘Capital’ Episode 2 review: BBC drama at its absolute finest

BBC One’s Capital continues with a marvelous second episode from writer Peter Bowker. As the WE WANT WHAT YOU HAVE campaign heats up, lives on Pepys Road are irrevocably changed and tragedy strikes for one family. After Capital’s outstanding opening episode it would be reasonable to assume a slight downward spiral for this second instalment. … >

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‘Capital’ Episode 1 review: Intricately woven, mesmerising drama

Toby Jones and Gemma Jones shine in the first episode of BBC One’s outstanding new three-part drama from Peter Bowker, adapted from John Lanchester’s best-selling satirical novel. Pepys Road is a seemingly ordinary street in South London until the residents find themselves continually plagued by incessant postcards; postcards with one single message: WE WANT WHAT … >

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