10 Spoiler-free Doctor Who hints for Season 10 Episode 8: The Lie of the Land

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Doctor Who returns to BBC One on Saturday with season 10 episode 8: ‘The Lie of the Land’, written by Toby Whithouse. Here are 10 spoiler-free dialogue snippets.

The world is gripped by a mass delusion and only Bill Potts can see the truth. When even the Doctor is fighting on the wrong side, it’s up to Bill to convince the Time Lord that humanity is in deadly danger. And if she can’t do that, she may just have to kill her best friend.

  1. “One day soon he’s going to come back and save us all.”
  2. “Get down. On your knees.”
  3. “After that, we’re on our own.”
  4. “Come to think of it, who were you talking to?”
  5. “Hulks, they used to call them.”
  6. “Oh, could you pop down and explain it to themthey‘re going to be really confused.”
  7. “I made up a version of her.”
  8. “Yeah, it was in one of the drawers with some takeaway menus and fifty Danish Krone.”
  9. “Your future is taken care of.”
  10. “Be a good boy for Mummy.”

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