Missy and The Master dance in BBC America’s Doctor Who World and Enough Time Trailer

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The trailer for the next episode of Doctor Who that aired after the American airing of the show was very, very different. There are SPOILERS. Beware… 

While we were excited enough about what we got from the UK ‘Next Time’ trailer for ‘World and Enough Time’, this is well… very interesting.

Currently doing the rounds on YouTube is a BBC America advert for the episode. It covers some of the same elements as the one we got in the UK, but focuses more on Bill apparently trapped among the patients undergoing an Mondasian upgrade. It repeats the “just don’t get me killed” line, before showing her in a hospital bed as the Doctor tells her “Wait for me”.

There is also a lot more footage of the Cybermen on the march.

It completely ignores the ‘Missy on a mission’ footage that the UK trailer was centred around. Instead we get extra footage of Missy and The Master. Dancing, no less. Book look pleased with the arrangement.

This hasn’t been officially released online, but YouTuber Doctor Who Page managed to grab a recording of it.

Here it is.

‘World and Enough Time’ will air on Saturday June 24th between 6.45 and 7.30 in the UK.

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