Doctor Who 2024 series casting and 2025 series production news

Two Doctor Who 2024 series actors and two 2025 series directors were announced in Doctor Who Magazine 601.

“…it’s a joy to welcome Genesis Lynea on Board,” showrunner Russell T Davies said in DWM. “It was a great delight for me to work with Genesis on an ITV series called You and Me in 2023 and so much to work with her again, so soon, in a very different role.”

Lynea appeared on Doctor Who makeup artist Scott Beswick’s Instagram on July 11, which likely places her character in the finale block, consisting of Episodes 7 and 8.

Also joining the cast of the 2024 series is Gwïon Morris Jones, who previously worked with Ncuti Gatwa in Apple TV+’s Masters of the Air.

“It’s great to welcome brilliant Welsh talent to the show,” Davies added in DWM. “Gwïon features in one of our most chilling scenes yet.”

Helming Block 3 of the Doctor Who 2025 series is Australian director Amanda Brotchie. Block 3 includes Episode 3 of the series.

“The most exciting thing for me about this block is that the episodes are so different to each other – world, mood, tone, even genre,” Brotchie said in DWM.

Also directing 2025 series episodes is Makalla McPherson, who has directed EastEnders, Doctors and Waterloo Road.

“I have created a unique crane shot as the Doctor runs through a Maze as they escape their captors, which will play for a particular scene,” McPherson told DWM. “I hope it’ll give the viewers a dynamic peek in to a bit of cultural history.”

“Studio 6, an absolute labyrinth of a set,” Russell T Davies said in his DWM Letter from the Showrunner. “Phil Collinson said, ‘I walked round it yesterday and got lost!'”

In other news from Davies, the sets for the UNIT Ops Room and Ruby Sunday’s Minto Road flat are about to be used again for 2025 series filming.

A new 8-episode Doctor Who series starring Ncuti Gatwa and Millie Gibson will debut in May 2024.

Doctor Who Magazine Issue 601 is available from Thursday 29 February from Panini and WH Smith and as a digital edition from Pocketmags.