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Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Special and series beyond: the team

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Not much is known about the plans showrunner Russell T Davies has for Doctor Who in 2023. A 60th anniversary special is planned for autumn of 2023.

Davies also has plans for Doctor Who series beyond the anniversary special. Davies is working with production company Bad Wolf, run by partners Jane Tranter, Julie Gardner and Natasha Hale.


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What has been discovered is some of the team members working on the new production.

Phil Collinson is back as a producer.

Vicki Delow is also a producer.

Neill Gorton revealed on the Doctor Who MASKS-PROPS-HELMETS-COSTUMES-STATUES-MODELS Facebook group that he and Millennium FX are in charge of prosthetic character make-up, animatronics, creature effects, speciality costumes and puppets.


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Andy Pryor is in charge of the casting according to Backstage.

Nothing yet is known about the cast, including who will be the next person cast as the Doctor when the thirteenth Doctor regenerates. Casting director Andy Pryor put out an open casting call for a mixed race (black and white) British heritage transfemme teen actor for an unknown BBC drama.

In a partnership between BBC Studios and Bad Wolf studios, Russell T Davies will write and produce the Doctor Who 60th anniversary special for autumn of 2023, and produce series beyond.