Recent Doctor Who filming involved a cast of nine babies

In Doctor Who Magazine 589, script editor Scott Handcock mentioned in his Production Notes column an interesting casting call at Wolf Studios Wales on 3 February. “Friday 3 February… An unusual set of auditions for aspiring young actors takes place at Wolf Studios…” The casting call was for babies 12-16 months old for filming in … >

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Russell T Davies teases Doctor Who announcements

In an article he wrote in Doctor Who Magazine 579, Doctor Who showrunner Russell T Davies teased recent announcements and filming. Despite the wording on the the cover, Davies doesn’t reveal how or why David Tennant (who played the tenth Doctor) and Catherine Tate (Who plays Donna Noble) are back together again filming Doctor Who. … >

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Russell T Davies back

Russell T Davies Doctor Who “currently in production”

According to the online CV of Block Producer Vicki Delow, Doctor Who is “currently in production” at Wolf Studios in Wales. 👀 — Ruther (@Ruther2) January 19, 2022 Not only for the 60th anniversary special but Series 14 is also “currently in development, according to the CV of Phil Collinson, who produced many Doctor … >

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