‘Doctor Who’ exec Moffat promises ‘surprises’ with Missy’s return

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Steven Moffat has confirmed that Missy will still be evil when she returns in the new season of Doctor Who.

Michelle Gomez began filming Season 9’s two-part opener, ‘The Magician’s Apprentice’ and ‘The Witch’s Familiar’, last month and the Scottish actress was spotted filming in Tenerife. It has been speculated that Missy could be the titular “Magician’s Apprentice”.

Discussing the casting of Gomez as the latest regeneration of The Master, Moffat commented: “Michelle was such a hit. And that was such a big thing to do, almost a tricky thing to say ‘are people going to go for this beloved yet hated character when we change the gender?’. But they didn’t blink, they’re perfectly happy.”

Hinting at why Missy is back, the showrunner teased: “There are certainly surprises, but she’s still the same evil Missy she was last time.”

Doctor Who 9 Missy

Moffat recently discussed why he’s chosen to increase the number of two-part stories in the new season.

Season 9 began filming in Cardiff in January and will air on BBC One this autumn.

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