Doctor Who Series 13: familiar foe filmed again on Knapp Beach in Barry

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Some exciting Doctor Who filming with Jodie Whittaker on Knapp Beach in Barry, Wales on Monday, January 11 has revealed a Weeping Angel on the shoreline.

Filming for Doctor Who at Cold Knap Beach today – blink and you’ll miss the weeping angel…

Thank you to Oliver Williams for sharing these photos with us!

Posted by Barry Nub News on Monday, January 11, 2021

A Weeping Angel was also spotted during Doctor Who filming in Neptune Court on Vanguard Way in Cardiff on the evening of December 8.

Some were upset about filming occurring during a COVID-19 lockdown but filming is one activity permitted under UK government guidelines.

The production team continues to follow strict safety protocols including masks, cohorts and frequent testing. New companion actor John Bishop, who contracted COVID-19 over Christmas, was not spotted at the location.

Film equipment, lorries, lighting equipment and black tents appeared at the seafront car park for filming in the morning.

The local radio station shared some more photos of the filming on their website.

More photos from the filming can be found here.

So far, only one Weeping Angel was present at each filming location. This could possibly mean the episode in question involves a lone Angel.

Sontarans were also spotted during the same filming block, which is directed by Jamie Magnus Stone, in an episode which seems to be at least partly set during the Crimean War. Filming blocks typically contain two episodes, though director Azhur Saleem is slated to direct three episodes.

Eight episodes are planned for Doctor Who Series 13. The introduction clip for companion Dan (John Bishop) revealed the series is scheduled to air sometime in 2021, likely late autumn.