‘Doctor Who’ spin-off: ‘Lethbridge-Stewart’ novels announced

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A new series of novels revealing the untold story of iconic Doctor Who character Colonel Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart will launch next year.

Candy Jar Books’ fully licensed Lethbridge-Stewart series will be set shortly after 1968’s ‘The Web of Fear’.

The first series consists of ‘The Forgotten Son’ by Andy Frankham-Allen, ‘Horror of Det-Sen’ by Lance Parkin, ‘The Schizoid Earth’ by David A McIntee and ‘Mutually Assured Domination’ by Nick Walters.


Andy Frankham-Allen commented said: “It’s an insane privilege and responsibility to put this series together, to reveal the real story behind such a legend of Doctor Who.”

Lance Parkin added: “Lethbridge-Stewart was always a steady presence in the Doctor’s life. Even in ‘The Web of Fear’, he instinctively trusted the Doctor from almost the moment he met him. I wrote for the character in ‘The Dying Days’, and that was the version of the Brigadier we all think of now, I think, an old soldier, semi-retired, seen it all. It’s been interesting writing for a younger, hungrier Lethbridge-Stewart – not even a Brigadier at this point in his life. It’s also been nice writing a story that’s set in the aftermath of ‘The Web of Fear’, with Lethbridge-Stewart only just starting to realise that the Earth’s facing a whole new type of enemy.”

Lethbridge-Stewart will launch on 22 February 2015, the fourth anniversary of the death of Nicholas Courtney, the actor behind the Brigadier.

Doctor Who returns later this month with ‘Last Christmas’.

Season 9 begins filming in January.

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