Jemma Redgrave keen for ‘Doctor Who’ UNIT spin-off

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Doctor Who actress Jemma Redgrave has revealed she’d be up for a spin-off featuring her character Kate Stewart and UNIT scientist Osgood, played by Ingrid Oliver.

Discussing the idea of a spin-off with Blogtor Who at London Film & Comic Con, Redgrave teased: “Your mouth to god’s ears! Who knows? Waft that thought over in [Steven Moffat’s] direction.”

The pair were last seen in ‘The Day of the Doctor’ and will return later this year in Series 8’s finale.

The daughter of classic character Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, Kate Stewart was introduced as Head of Scientific Research in 2012 episode ‘The Power of Three’.

Discussing the duo’s return in Series 8 later this year, the actress commented: “Oh yes, reunited! It was wonderful. Love working with Ingrid! I’m so happy that it’s happened.”

Redgrave also appeared keen to return in Series 9 or Series 10: “Waft that question in Steven Moffat’s direction! It’s out of my hands…”

Doctor Who Series 8

The new series will begin on BBC One on Saturday 23 August with a feature-length premiere episode entitled ‘Deep Breath’.

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