Maisie Williams’ ‘Doctor Who’ character ‘shifts in cosmic ways’

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Peter Capaldi has described Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams as a “sharp, talented tornado”.

Williams is guest starring in two episodes of the new season of Doctor Who later this year, but the producers have been tight-lipped about who she is playing.

Capaldi told EW: “Maisie is fantastic. A sharp, talented tornado. As an 18-year-old, she has taught me many new words and expressions.”

Teasing what to expect from her role, he commented: “All I’ll say about her character is she shifts in cosmic ways.”

Doctor Who  Maisie Williams

Peter Capaldi also hinted at the antagonists his Doctor will encounter in Season 9: “There is an epic sweep to this season and I think the villains and monsters reflect that.”

He added: “Great new ones, brilliant old ones, and some very scary creatures looming in stories with real emotional ambition.”

The Scottish actor is currently shooting the two-part season finale, directed by Rachel Talalay (‘Dark Water’, ‘Death in Heaven’).

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Season 9 has been filming in Cardiff since January and will begin on BBC One in September.

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