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Russell T Davies Doctor Who “currently in production”

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According to the online CV of Block Producer Vicki Delow, Doctor Who is “currently in production” at Wolf Studios in Wales.

Not only for the 60th anniversary special but Series 14 is also “currently in development, according to the CV of Phil Collinson, who produced many Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures episodes from 2004 to 2008.

“In production” likely doesn’t mean principal photography at this point in time but showrunner Russell T Davies has written some scripts. In an interview with the Guardian on December 22, 2021, the former and future Doctor Who showrunner gave an update on his progress.

“I’ve already written some of the episodes. The first will go out in November 2023 – that’s the 60th anniversary of the show.”

“We have genuinely not cast anyone yet. We’re just starting auditions.”

According to Backstage, long-time Doctor Who casting director Andy Pryor is attached to cast the production — including the next Doctor.

In a partnership between BBC Studios and Bad Wolf studios, Russell T Davies will produce the Doctor Who 60th anniversary special for autumn of 2023, and series beyond.