The worlds and locations of Doctor Who: Time Fracture

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Participants in the immersive theatre experience Doctor Who: Time Fracture, which opens in London this month, can expect to visit 17 different worlds and see many locations on video as part of their adventure.

There will be many surprises but these are the known places participants can expect to visit, in person or by video.


A weapon of unknown origin destroys a small corner of Mayfair, and simultaneously opens a rift in space and time.

Participants can expect to watch Cybermen and Daleks invading London.

UNIT Headquarters

Kate Lethbridge-Stuart’s office and the UNIT Black Site feature in videos throughout the experience.

PSG: Portal-Stabilisation Gateway

UNIT scientist Dr. Errol Courtney has drawn up plans for a gateway which will enable a human to safely travel into the Time Fracture anomaly and investigate.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s study

A version of da Vinci’s study, as seen in in the Doctor Who Season 17 episode City Of Death, features in the show, as does da Vinci’s famous portrait of Mona Lisa, which will contain an added secret illusion.

Queen Elizabeth’s court

Tapestries full of Doctor Who Easter eggs hall on the wall of the queen’s throne room. An illusion was created for her golden throne. A stream runs out from the queen’s throne into the centre of the room. This effect is achieved by diverting one of the many canals that run under Oxford street where the venue is located.


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A spaceship from a thousand years in the future with the Zaggit Zagoo bar.

The bar where the Tenth Doctor says his farewell to Captain Jack in The End Of Time, on board a space cruiser features in the adventure.

Kasaavin realm

According to one of the images released for the experience, it looks as if the audience will visit the Kasaavin realm from the Series 12 Doctor Who episode Spyfall.


The creators of Time Fracture have promised to include content from the Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood in their adventure.


A Time Lord makes an appearance in one of the adventure’s videos.

Production designer Rebecca Brower researched the entire history of Doctor Who from 1963 plus the history of both England and Italy to design the Time Fracture sets. Construction on the show started in November 2020 and ended in April 2021.

The first preview performance of Doctor Who: Time Fracture is on 26 May. Tickets for Time Fracture are available for pre-order here.