UK’s Top 10 most addictive TV box sets revealed

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A new nationwide study has revealed the TV show box set that UK viewers find most addictive.

The research commissioned by Sky Box Sets looks at the growing popularity of box sets in our everyday lives.

Game of Thrones came in first place, with nearly a third of the votes, closely followed by The X-Files and The Walking Dead.

Father Ted is the only British TV show in the Top 10.

Father Ted

The full Top 10 is as follows:

1. Game of Thrones (32.7%)

2. The X-Files (29.2%)

3. The Walking Dead (26.7%)

4. Friends (23.30%)

5. Making a Murderer (20%)

6. Breaking Bad (16.2%)

7. 24 (15.6%)

8. The Sopranos (14.3%)

9. Father Ted (13.8%)

10. Prison Break (13.4%)

The research also found that 12% of British viewers would prefer to watch their favourite TV box set than have sex with their partner.

What’s your most addictive TV box set? Let us know below…