Where does Bill’s debut scene fit in to ‘Doctor Who’ Season 10?

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Doctor Who fans have been given a hint about where new companion Pearl Mackie’s debut scene will appear in the new season.

Mackie was unveiled as Bill on Saturday 23 April, live exclusively on BBC One during half time of the FA Cup semi-final.

She was introduced alongside Peter Capaldi’s Doctor in a brief clip titled ‘Friends from the Future’, which was described as “an exclusive scene from a future episode.”

Watch Bill’s introduction…

As the scene was shot before any of Season 10 officially began production though, it has been unclear if Bill’s encounter with the Daleks will really feature in a future episode.

Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat recently told Doctor Who Magazine: “Knowing how pedantic I am, I’ll probably work it in somewhere, but there is also an absolutely possibility that I just won’t bother.”

He added: “I mean, so what? In a show that embraces alternate universes and changed timelines, how can you go wrong? I don’t know we might do it.”

Moffat explained: “The thing is, if we do a Dalek story with Bill, we’d have to put that scene in somewhere, because clearly she’s seeing a Dalek for the first time. But I have to stop myself getting too hung up on that sort of thing. People know what that scene was. It was us going, ‘Look, this is what Doctor Who with Bill is gonna be like.'”

However, a new photo posted on the show’s official Instagram account suggests that the scene will indeed be appearing in a Season 10 episode, as eagle-eyed fans have recognised the set used in ‘Friend from the Future’.

Doctor Who 10

The image is believed to be from the second block of Season 10’s shoot, which is currently being directed by Bill Anderson.

The photo’s caption reads: “Yikes! What’s happened here?! We can’t wait to find out in series 10!”

Block 2 comprises Episode 3, written by Sarah Dollard (‘Face the Raven’), and Episode 4, written by Doctor Foster creator Mike Bartlett.

Dollard’s episode appears to be a historical story, so perhaps the Daleks will be appearing in Bartlett’s episode?

Of course, the photo could also be from Block 1’s shoot, which comprised Steven Moffat’s Earth-based Episode 1 and Frank Cottrell Boyce’s Episode 2, which was partly filmed in Valencia, Spain and seems to be set in the future.

Doctor Who Pearl Mackie Peter Capaldi Bill Twelfth

Season 10 began filming in Cardiff in June and will air on BBC One in spring 2017.

Peter Capaldi and Pearl Mackie were spotted in Newport yesterday shooting scenes at a location previously used in 2007’s ‘Blink’ episode.

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