Jeff Goldblum as Zeus in KAOS

KAOS – first look at Jeff Goldblum is Zeus

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The series puts a contemporary twist on Greek mythology.

Netflix have revealed the first footage from their upcoming series KAOS. The series, from creator and writer Charlie Covell (The End of the F***ing World), promises to take everything we know about Greek mythology and turn it on its head.

That’s pretty evident from the first look footage that Netflix have just released, with Jeff Goldblum rocking a tracksuit as the all-powerful King of the Gods.

KAOS is about the pantheon of gods, mortals, and everyone in between. The streamer describes it as a bold, darkly comic contemporary take on Greek mythology exploring love, power, and life in the underworld.

Here’s what we know…

Zeus is at the top of the mythological food chain as the King of the Gods, a position he has enjoyed for quite some time. Then one day he discovers the unthinkable — a wrinkle on his forehead. Paranoia builds, leading the supreme deity down a dangerous and unstable path. Zeus is convinced his fall is nigh and sees omens of doom everywhere.

And he’s right to be worried because Zeus’ onetime friend and now prisoner, Prometheus, is orchestrating a plan to bring him down. The plan involves three disparate humans, all of whom are totally unaware of their cosmic significance or the part they must play in saving the world.

KAOS - statue of Jeff Goldblum as Zeus

KAOS (c) Netflix

Who’s in KAOS?

Janet McTeer (Ozark) plays Zeus’ plotting wife Hera. David Thewlis (The Artful Dodger) and Cliff Curtis (Avatar: The Way of Water) are his complicated brothers Hades and Poseidon. His rebellious son Dionysus is Industry’s Nabhaan Rizwan.

Also in the cast are Killian Scott as Orpheus, Aurora Perrineau as Riddy and Misia Butler as Caneus. With Leila Farzad as Ari, Rakie Ayola as Persephone and Stanley Townsend as Minos.

Plus, we can expect cameo appearances from both Billie Piper (Scoop) and Suzy Eddie Izzard.

Charlie Covell is the creator, writer and executive producer of KAOS, with Georgia Christou writing episode 6. Georgi Banks-Davies and Runyararo Mapfumo direct, Harry Munday produces. The other executive producers are Jane Featherstone, Chris Fry, Katie Carpenter, Georgi Banks-Davies, Nina Lederman, Tanya Seghatchian and John Woodward.

Netflix say KAOS is “coming soon” – we’ll keep you posted.