The Way - Michael Sheen and James Graham

Michael Sheen and James Graham join forces for The Way (updated)

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Michael Sheen makes his television directorial debut with a drama about a civil uprising in a small industrial town. 

Updated 15/05/23: The BBC have released cast details for The Way.

After announcing it in February, the BBC have now revealed casting as The Way begins filming in Port Talbot.

The drama tells the story of an ordinary family caught up in an extraordinary chain of events that ripple out from their home town.

The central Driscoll family are played by Steffan Rhodri, Mali Harries, Sophie Melville and Callum Scott Howells Plus, Michael Sheen himself and Maja Laskowska, who joins them as a young women caught up in the family’s escape.

Luke Evans stars as Hogwood, a mercenary in pursuit of the Driscolls, with Tom Cullen, Danny Sapani, Mark Lewis Jones, Paul Rhys, Erin Richards, Aneurin Barnard, Catherine Ayers, Jonathan Nefydd, Matthew Aubrey and Andria Doherty all playing key roles across the series.

Additionally, child actor Teilo James Le Masurier will make his screen debut as Rhys, the Driscoll’s four-year-old grandson.

Director, co-creator and executive producer Michael Sheen says:

“I feel very lucky to get to work every day with these phenomenal actors. We’ve always had so much acting talent here in Wales and I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to tell this extraordinary story with the very best at work today.”

We’ll keep you posted on The Way.

Original article (of 20/02/23) follows…

Michael Sheen and James Graham join forces for The Way

The BBC have announced an exciting new drama from a fascinating triumvirate of creatives; The Way comes from Michael Sheen, James Graham (Sherwood, Quiz) and Adam Curtis (The Power Of Nightmares, HyperNormalisation.)

The story promises to tap into the social and political chaos of today’s world, imagining a civil uprising which begins in a small industrial town.

Here’s the premise:

Meet the Driscolls – an ordinary family, in an extraordinary story of life, death and survival. Caught in a chain of events and power struggles that ripple out unleashing civil unrest, they are forced to escape the country they’ve always called home and the certainties of their old lives.

Will they be overwhelmed by their memories of the past, or will the Driscolls lay their ghosts to rest and take the risk of an unknown future?

The Way is an emotional and darkly humorous story about what it means to be faced with impossible choices.

The creatives of The Way

Director Michael Sheen says:

“I’m such an admirer of Adam and James’ work, so to create this project with them in these extraordinary times has been thrilling. I’m so excited to be telling this global story through the prism of my hometown and its community as we dig into the rollercoaster ride of our recent past and the mysterious depths that lay beneath.”

The Way - Michael Sheen and James Graham

Writer James Graham adds:

“Working with Michael Sheen and Adam Curtis on building this story has been one of those “pinch-me” moments in the life of a writer. To tell a story set in Michael’s home community, and tapping into all the political and social themes of the moment – strikes, division, chaos and a loss of control – all while infusing it, we hope, with humour, magic and imagination has been the most creatively satisfying experience.”

Adam Curtis

Co-creator Adam Curtis says:

“This is a really timely way to examine one of the great puzzles of this moment – why is it so hard to imagine a better, or even just different, kind of future for this country? What is holding us back? I can’t think of two more amazing people to do that with than James and Michael.”

A passion project

Bethan Jones, executive producer for Red Seam, says:

“The development of The Way has been a unique process – from the original idea and concept presented by Michael to the challenges of exploring the authenticity of the story with Adam, and the joy of seeing it all brought together by James through brilliant characters and storytelling. It’s been a passion project for us all for some time and it’s very exciting to finally be making it with our brilliant production team and Little Door Productions’ invaluable support.”

The Way films in and around Port Talbot later this year. The three-part drama comes from Wales-based company Red Seam, in association with Little Door Productions.

The series’ producer is Derek Ritchie (The Capture, Doctor Who.) Sheen, Graham, Curtis and Bethan Jones all executive produce, with Rebecca Ferguson for the BBC.

We’ll keep you posted on The Way.