New Doctor Who Target novelizations coming in 2022

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The Target Collection will release three new novelizations of episodes from Series 4, 9 and 10 of Doctor Who later this year.

The books are novelizations by the original screenwriters of three Doctor Who episodes. All the television episodes featured actor Peter Capaldi as either Caecilius or the Doctor.

The Fires of Pompeii by James Moran

The Zygon Invasion by Peter Harness

The Eaters of Light by Rona Munro
Doctor Who 'The Eaters of Light'

The Androids of Tara and The Stones of Blood, penned by the original scriptwriter the late David Fisher and adapted from his 2011 and 2014 audio novelizations, will also be released as Target books.

The cover artwork for the novels has not yet been released. All five novels will be available on 14 July, 2022.