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Scribe Awards 2023 – Four Doctor Who audio stories nominated

Stories for the Fourth, Eighth and War Doctors are all in contention for the 2023 Scribe Awards.  The nominations for The Scribe Awards 2023 have been revealed. The awards, from the International Association of Media Tie-In Writers celebrate excellence in licensed tie-in novels and audio dramas based on TV shows, movies and games. Audio producers … >

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Covers revealed for new Doctor Who Target Books novelisations

Two more New Series Target books and new versions of two classic Tom Baker Doctor Who stories.   Before VHS, DVDs and streaming, novelisations were the only way for fans to experience Doctor Who stories they had not seen broadcast live. Many encountered the earliest Doctors in prose, years before they saw them onscreen. While the … >

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New Doctor Who Target novelizations coming in 2022

The Target Collection will release three new novelizations of episodes from Series 4, 9 and 10 of Doctor Who later this year. The books are novelizations by the original screenwriters of three Doctor Who episodes. All the television episodes featured actor Peter Capaldi as either Caecilius or the Doctor. The Fires of Pompeii by James … >

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