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BBC One’s The Living and the Dead is a new supernatural drama from the creators of Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes.

Directed by Alice Troughton (Merlin, In the Flesh), the six-part series stars Colin Morgan (Merlin, Humans) and Charlotte Spencer (Glue).


Episode 1

Tuesday 28 June 2016, 9pm

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Somerset 1894. When a pioneering Victorian psychologist brings his vivacious young wife to live on his family’s estate, he is confronted by one disturbing case after another. Are these strange events linked merely by coincidence, or is there something more sinister – more supernatural – going on at Shepzoy?

When the death of his mother brings Nathan Appleby (Colin Morgan) and his vivacious young wife Charlotte (Charlotte Spencer) back to the family estate, they must turn the farm’s fortunes around – or risk ruin and the devastation of the local community. Though the farm and its future demand their attention, when a vulnerable teenage girl is brought to Nathan, seemingly possessed by a terrifying spirit, he cannot leave her to suffer.

A pioneering doctor, Nathan has worked at the forefront of the emerging science of psychology and is an expert in mapping the dark places of the mind. He believes there is always a rational or scientific explanation to be found for life’s mysteries; though Harriet’s case is disturbing, he must use every psychological technique he has to find a way to cure her, to free her from this terrible burden.

But what if Nathan is wrong, and it isn’t an illness of the mind? Could Harriet actually be haunted?


Episode 2

Tuesday 5 July 2016, 9pm

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When a young boy is disturbed by terrifying visions, Nathan must do everything he can to protect him. But Nathan has been having visions of this own: is he also on the edge of madness?
When a young boy is disturbed by terrifying visions, Nathan finds himself drawn into another case.

Charlie’s nightmarish hallucinations lead him into increasingly dangerous situations and Nathan must find a way to help him, before his imaginary friends do some serious harm.

But Nathan’s belief in scientific and rational explanations is rocked by a growing sense of unease, as he starts to experience some mysterious visions of his own. Are all these strange events linked merely by coincidence, or is there something deeply wrong at Shepzoy?

Gwen meanwhile recognises Charlotte wants a baby, and tries to find a way to help her. But Charlotte must also steer a safe course for the farm while her husband is preoccupied, and the possibility of a new railway line across their land could offer the chance she’s been hoping for.


Episode 3

Tuesday 12 July 2016, 9pm

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The farm and its future are under threat. Can Nathan and Charlotte save their crops and expose the dark secrets of a disturbed young man before he does any more damage?

Recent tragic events have left Nathan struggling with unanswerable questions. But it’s harvest time and Charlotte needs everyone to pull together to get the harvest in – the farm’s future rests on the flowing fields of wheat. Yet, when a series of freak occurrences threatens the crop, Peter (Robert Emms), a disturbed young villager, is blamed, and Nathan must step in.

Peter is vulnerable and suffering, hearing voices in his head that demand a blood sacrifice. While Charlotte works to save the harvest, Nathan must put his own troubles aside. Can he unravel a dark family secret to save Peter from both a vengeful spirit and the superstitious villagers turning against him?


Episode 4

Tuesday 19 July 2016, 9pm

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When a woman goes missing, Nathan must put his spiritual troubles aside to lead the rescue party. As he races to solve the mystery, Charlotte struggles with a secret of her own.

After Clarity’s troubling message, Nathan desperately seeks answers, as he is left doubting everything he once believed. But his conviction that he can get to the bottom of the mysteries in Shepzoy and fascination with spirits is driving him away from Charlotte. And while Charlotte is holding everything else together on the farm, she is also guarding a secret of her own.

When a young woman goes missing and a local man’s strange behaviour causes fear among the villagers, Nathan is determined to lead the search for them both. Is this just a tangled love affair or is something disturbing afoot?


Episode 5

Tuesday 26 July 2016, 9pm

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Nathan’s increasing obsession with the spirits haunting Shepzoy is taking its toll on Charlotte and the farm. And his attempts to involve Harriet in his experiments infuriate the Dennings.

Will he risk all his relationships to pursue the truth? No one believes what he’s seen and heard, and even Nathan is left wondering if it’s all just been in his head.

It’s All Hallows Eve, and when one of the railway engineers is left so terrified by a haunting vision that the railway suspends all work, Nathan is convinced he must find a way to banish the spirits from Shepzoy. But nothing will prepare him for the horrors in store, horrors which will engulf the whole village, putting everyone in terrible danger.

Can Nathan convince Denning to carry out an exorcism and free Shepzoy from this terror?


Episode 6

Tuesday 2 August 2016, 9pm

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After the terrible events of recent weeks, Nathan and Charlotte’s marriage faces its greatest test yet. As past and present collide, will Nathan risk all for a chance to see his son again?

Shepzoy is a changed place after the horrifying events of All Hallows Eve. Nathan’s desperate attempts to contact Gabriel have left him on the edge of madness, while Charlotte is struggling to hold their marriage and the farm together. But the harder she tries to save Nathan, the further he pushes her away.

As the increasingly strange events reach a haunting climax, could Nathan finally unravel the mystery of the woman with the book of light? Will Nathan risk everything for a chance to see his son again – and can Charlotte find a way to help him?


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