Infographic: Iconic furniture in film and TV

From the couch in Friends to the diary room chair in Big Brother, set design plays a huge part in creating the look and atmosphere of a film or TV show. Take a look at some of the most iconic furniture in film and TV in this great infographic from! [This is a sponsored … >

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10 of the most iconic moments ever on UK television

While we start to settle down for winter, with our TV guides delivered via Magazines Direct and our onesies and prepare for a cosy season of great telly, it’s a good time to reflect on some of the most iconic moments in UK TV – because there are quite a few to reminisce on! Here … >

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Weird and wonderful UK television

Since the BBC first started broadcasting television programmes in the 1930s, the UK has developed an unparalleled reputation for high quality original television shows. But as competition has grown over the past century through the increasing array of terrestrial, satellite and online entertainment, the developers of British television shows have had to come up with … >

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Putting a different spin on TV drama

Don’t you sometimes want to be involved in the drama? Not necessarily launching yourself off a building or tip-toeing around the crater of a volcano, but don’t you think it would sometimes be nice to have more of a handle on what’s going on than your remote control allows? Sherlock bingo is a great idea, … >

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TV moments that got the UK tweeting

Social media is all over our televisions these days, whether it’s a simple hashtag or viral video advert. TV is becoming ever more integrated with social media and this is particularly evident with Twitter, with the use of hashtags in adverts and primetime shows. But what are the most popular shows? When are they tweeted … >

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Keith Chegwin’s TV choices

TV presenter Keith Chegwin stars alongside Joe Tracini (Coming of Age), Tony Blackburn (BBC Radio 2), Joe Pasquale, Russell Grant (Strictly Come Dancing) in new comedy horror film Kill Keith, out on DVD next week.

Kill Keith sees much-loved television personalities being gruesomely despatched using a variety of breakfast condiments and as the body count grows, so does the hysteria. There appears to be no stopping the Breakfast Cereal Killer as he marches relentlessly towards his ultimate goal… to kill Keith!

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We caught up with Keith to find out what he likes to watch to relax between filming…

Favourite TV show to watch before going to sleep:

“Sherlock Holmes. I love a good story and a good plot. I also enjoy competent acting. Sherlock has all those qualities.”

Favourite TV show to cheer you up:

“Graham Norton on Friday nights. I love him and the guests. It’s pure escapism and sets you up for a good weekend.”

TV show that reminds you of your childhood:

“Anything that has the words Robin Hood! I was a RH fan as a kid and would make my own bow and arrows to shoot in the garden. Having a TV series and a film on the go is brill for me.”

TV show that reminds you of being a teenager:

Big Brother – I shared a house with lots of mates and hated it too!”

Favourite “guilty pleasure” TV show:

Question Time or Newsnight. My family hate ’em – for some unknown reason I’m engrossed by them!”

TV show that you find most addictive:

Britain’s Got Talent or I’m a Celebrity or Dancing on Ice or The X Factor. Love them all. I love the winter months – these are great to snuggle up to.”

Axed TV show that you most wish would return:

“Anything I’ve been in during the last 44 years on TV. The repeat fees are rather good and I looked better then!”

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