The Avengers at 60

The Avengers at 60 marked by STUDIOCANAL with online event

STUDIOCANAL is hosting an online event on January 29 to show classic episodes and discuss The Avengers at 60 In 1961, ABC television company brought The Avengers to our screens (black and white as they were) for an espionage thriller starring Ian Hendry as Dr David Keel and one Patrick Macnee as John Steed. The series … >

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Rewind: ITV’s 1970s action thriller series ‘The Professionals’ revisited

‘CI5?’ ‘Yeah, it’s kind of like MI5.’ ‘What’s the difference?’ ‘They invent the problems and we have to solve them.’   What was it about? Created by Brian Clemens, writer and script editor of The Avengers, The Professionals was an action thriller series chronicling the operatives of CI5: a unique crime-fighting government agency with the mandate and … >

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