The CultBox Podcast Roundup – June 2022

Welcome to the CultBox Podcast Roundup for June 2022.  Our favourite podcasts this month in the worlds of film and television have included, in no particular order… The Two Shot Podcast S10, Ep 1 – Emma Appleton The ever fascinating Two Shot returns for its tenth series, kicking off with actress Emma Appleton (Pistol, The … >

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Doctor Who: The Eleven audio boxset cover art

The Sixth Doctor Adventures: The Eleven – audio boxset review

The Eleven sees Mark Bonnar’s multifaceted Time Lord villain granted his own boxset, pitched against another Doctor. He has met the Eighth in Doom Coalition and Ravenous, plus the Seventh for Dark Universe; on this occasion, presumably earlier in both their timelines, he encounters Colin Baker’s bombastic Sixth Doctor. Welcome to Molaruss An abandoned TARDIS … >

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Doctor Who content wins two Royal Television Society Awards

Two Doctor Who-related productions were nominated for the 2020 Royal Television Society West of England Awards and both won in their categories. The The Doctor Who Cookbook – Revisited by Moon Balloon Productions won for Factual Entertainment and Features. The video cookbook was included in the special features for Doctor Who The Collection Season 23 Blu-ray. … >

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Doctor Who Scorched Earth cover art

Scorched Earth – Doctor Who Monthly Adventures 264 audio review

‘Scorched Earth’ is the latest adventure for the engaging trio of the Sixth Doctor, Flip and Constance. Set at the end of WWII, it grapples with the transition from wartime to peace and the theme of revenge. The TARDIS arrives in Lombardy, 1944, to see British troops arriving post-D-Day and hailed as liberators of France. … >

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Warzone/Conversion cover artwork

Warzone / Conversion – Doctor Who Monthly Adventures 258 audio review

‘Warzone’ and ‘Conversion’, a double header of linked two-parters, close the current monthly adventures storyline. Travelling with Tegan, Nyssa and new companion Marc, the Fifth Doctor finds himself involved in first a deadly race and then seeking out an old foe. Warzone The TARDIS lands amid what they fear is a battle, before realising it … >

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Doctor Who: Iron Bright review

In the latest Big Finish main range release, the sixth Doctor (Colin Baker) is travelling alone when he arrives in the middle of a supernatural mystery. The setting is the digging of the Thames Tunnel, London, 1828 and in Chris Chapman’s wonderful story the Doctor makes the acquaintance of Isambard Kingdom Brunel (Jam MacCallum), his … >

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Doctor Who: The Middle review

This main range Big Finish Doctor Who release features Colin Baker’s Sixth Doctor, travelling with his current duo of audio companions, Flip and Constance. As a pair, the two could not be more different in background and age and it is the latter aspect which plays heavily into ‘The Middle’. The story is high-ish concept sci-fi … >

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