‘Luther’: Series 3 Episode 3 review

Although this episode ostensibly concerns the hunt for Twitter-savvy, scumbag-executing vigilante Callum Marwood, it’s also about the enduring bond between DCI Luther (Idris Elba) and DS Ripley (Warren Brown).

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‘Luther’: Series 3 Episode 2 review

It’s manna from heaven for fans of John Luther’s coat in this episode (surely the greatest villain we’ve yet to meet in the show is a killer with a fetish for grey tweed outerwear) as a search of his house by anti-corruption cops Stark and Gray reveals not just one but a whole rack of them.

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‘Pacific Rim’ movie review

With a crash, a bang, and all the wallop of a gigantic sea monster crushing a skyscraper comes Pacific Rim, Guillermo Del Toro’s barmy, charming, cheesy and always entertaining action blockbuster. Time to forget your superheroes, folks. This summer it’s all about massive robots.

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