The Life and Death of River Song: Last Words cover art

Big Finish announce ‘The Death and Life of River Song’ (updated)

Alex Kingston’s time-travelling archaeologist launches herself into a new audio series, beginning with a prequel to ‘The Ark in Space’.   Updated 15/05/24: Cover art, cast and storyline details With her creator returning to Doctor Who this weekend, Big Finish have revealed more about River Song’s upcoming audio exploits. The first box set in her new … >

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The Ninth Doctor Adventures - Hidden Depths

Big Finish announce Christopher Eccleston vs the Sea Devils. In space!

We have the details of the next Ninth Doctor Adventures boxset: Hidden Depths.  Christopher Eccleston’s Doctor Who renaissance as the Ninth Doctor continues apace at Big Finish. With six boxsets of The Ninth Doctor Adventures already available, the audio producers have just dropped news of November’s release. Titled Hidden Depths, the set promises a meeting … >

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Doctor Who Ravagers starring Christopher Eccleston

Ravagers – details for the return of Christopher Eccleston to Doctor Who

New artwork, and further cast and story details are revealed today for the first volume of Big Finish’s Doctor Who – The Ninth Doctor Adventures, Ravagers starring Christopher Eccleston. Due for release in May 2021, Ravagers features three tales written by Nicholas Briggs, and sees the Doctor on a voyage of discovery once more with new friends and adventures. Alongside the … >

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