Doctor Who Nightmare Country cover

Nightmare Country – Doctor Who The Lost Stories 5.1 audio review

‘Nightmare Country’ was a storyline pitched for Doctor Who‘s 21st season, but ultimately shelved. With a reality bending premise, the production team deemed it beyond the scope of a 1980s’ BBC budget. While Big Finish have adapted numerous other Lost Stories over the years, this one remained under the radar, languishing in writer Stephen Gallagher’s … >

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Doctor Who: The Kamelion Empire review

A trio of fifth Doctor, Tegan, Turlough and Kamelion comes to an end with the Jonathan Morris penned The Kamelion Empire. As the title makes abundantly clear, the central focus is on the shape changing android Kamelion, but not so as to minimise the role of the others. The setting is the world of the … >

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Doctor Who Short Trip 8.05 review: Trap for Fools

For this latest Doctor Who Short Trip we join Turlough back in the classroom. Not at Brendon, the public school from Mawdryn Undead where the Doctor first encountered him, but at the futuristic St. Neot’s – a school run on traditional lines for the elite of the galaxy. Shrouded from the hubbub of the universe, St. Neot’s … >

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