Disney+ 2023 trailer Loki Season 2

Disney+ 2023 trailer – the streamer teases their New Year offerings

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Loki Season 2, The Mandarlorian 3, Ahsoka, Secret Invasion and more are promised in the Disney+ 2023 trailer… 

We know you probably haven’t even hung up your stocking, but Disney+ already have their eyes on 2023.

In their latest promo, entitled “Feels Like Home”, they’ve showcased a bunch of shows coming in the New Year; it’s a 30-second whirlwind with the dulcet tones of Tom Hiddleston narrating.

Disney+ 2023 trailer - The Mandalorian 3

On the Star Wars front, there’s some Mandalorian action as the show returns for Season 3, as well as the first glimpse of footage from Jedi spinoff Ahsoka.

In Marvel land, we get a few scenes from Secret Invasion, led by Samuel L Jackson’s Nick Fury, as well plenty of Loki Season 2. Additionally, there’s confirmation that the feature Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will be coming to the streamer. As if it would go anywhere else!

Based on this Disney+ 2023 trailer, it looks like another busy year for us!