Doctor Who: The Eleven audio boxset cover art

The Sixth Doctor Adventures: The Eleven – audio boxset review

The Eleven sees Mark Bonnar’s multifaceted Time Lord villain granted his own boxset, pitched against another Doctor. He has met the Eighth in Doom Coalition and Ravenous, plus the Seventh for Dark Universe; on this occasion, presumably earlier in both their timelines, he encounters Colin Baker’s bombastic Sixth Doctor. Welcome to Molaruss An abandoned TARDIS … >

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Doctor Who: Colony of Fear cover art

Colony of Fear – Doctor Who Monthly Adventures 273 audio review

Colony of Fear is the latest outing for Colin Baker’s Sixth Doctor, with his doughty companion, Mrs Constance Clarke (Miranda Raison). Answering a distress call, the pair arrive on Triketha to find a nascent research colony under attack by giant insects. The wasp-like creatures have been stinging the humans, rendering them comatose – only for … >

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Doctor Who Scorched Earth cover art

Scorched Earth – Doctor Who Monthly Adventures 264 audio review

‘Scorched Earth’ is the latest adventure for the engaging trio of the Sixth Doctor, Flip and Constance. Set at the end of WWII, it grapples with the transition from wartime to peace and the theme of revenge. The TARDIS arrives in Lombardy, 1944, to see British troops arriving post-D-Day and hailed as liberators of France. … >

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Doctor Who: Cry of the Vultriss cover art

Cry of the Vultriss – Doctor Who Monthly Adventures 263 audio review

‘Cry of the Vultriss’, the latest Doctor Who Monthly Adventure, kicks off a new Sixth Doctor trilogy. Travelling with companions Philippa ‘Flip’ Ramon (née Jackson) and Mrs Constance Clarke, their latest journey culminates in a crash landing; the TARDIS falling foul of a rupture in the Space-Time vortex. The trio have arrived on the avian … >

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Dark Heart: new ITV drama starts on Halloween

Dark Heart, ITV’s new crime drama, starring Da Vinci’s Demons star Tom Riley and Bodyguard‘s Anjli Mohindra, has a premiere date… If Dark Heart sounds a little familiar then it’s because the original pilot aired back in 2016 on the late ITV Encore. It was such a hit with audiences, however, that ITV are now bringing it back for a … >

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Doctor Who: Short Trips – The Darkened Earth review

The July download only Doctor Who: Short Trips story is The Darkened Earth by John Pritchard. Narrated by Miranda Raison, it’s a sixth Doctor story told by his Big Finish companion Mrs Constance Clarke. It’s a simple-seeming story set on Earth and makes Constance challenge her world view – she joined the Doctor from World … >

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‘Dark Heart’ trailer: Tom Riley stars in ‘Unforgotten’ writer’s new ITV crime drama

ITV Encore has released the first trailer for Dark Heart, a new crime drama from the writer of Unforgotten and the producer of The Missing. Set in London, the one-off two-hour drama is written by Chris Lang (A Mother’s Son) and based on the novel Suffer the Children by Adam Creed. Tom Riley (Da Vinci’s Demon) leads the cast as DI Will Wagstaffe, alongside Miranda Raison … >

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Tom Riley to star in new crime drama ‘Dark Heart’ from ‘Unforgotten’ writer

ITV Encore has announced the commission of of a new crime drama from the writer of Unforgotten and the producer of The Missing. Dark Heart will star Tom Riley (Da Vinci’s Demon, Doctor Who) as DI Will Wagstaffe, a man haunted by his past. Set in London, the two-hour drama is written by Chris Lang (A Mother’s Son), directed by Colin Teague (Jekyll & Hyde) and based … >

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