Ms Marvel trailer

Ms Marvel lands a special theatrical release in Pakistan

The country doesn’t have Disney+, so fans will get to see Marvel’s latest on the big screen!  Celebrating the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first Pakistani superhero, and with Disney+ not yet rolled out in the country, fans in Pakistan will be able to enjoy the adventures of Kamala Khan on the big screen. The show launches … >

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Doctor Who Series 11: most stunning locations

Sheffield From the hills of the city, to the crane yard to the water tower and architecture. The episodes filmed in Sheffield, The Woman Who Fell to Earth and Arachnids in the UK put a cinematic spotlight on the beauty of Sheffield. South Africa Abandoned water park, Macassar Beach Pavilion, Paarl Rock and the streets … >

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Doctor Who, Demons of the Punjab: cast list, demons named

The guest cast list for the sixth episode of Doctor Who, Series 11, Demons of the Punjab was released: Shobna Gulati: Najia Khan, Yaz’s mother Ravin J Ganatra: Hakim Khan, Yaz’s father Bhavnisha Parmar: Sonya Khan, Yaz’s sister Leena Dhingra: Nani Umbreen, Yaz’s grandmother Amita Suman: Umbreen, Yaz’s grandmother 1947 Shane Zaza: Prem  Hamza Jeetooa: Manish Shaheen Khan: Hasna Barbara Fadden, Almak, likely a demon … >

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