Doctor Who Cover Art: 'The Flying Dutchman' & 'Displaced'

The Flying Dutchman / Displaced – Doctor Who Monthly Adventures 268 audio review

The Flying Dutchman and Displaced form a double-header of two-part stories for September’s monthly Doctor Who range release. This time, we are back with the Seventh Doctor, travelling with both Ace and Hex (Phillip Oliver). The Flying Dutchman With Hex complaining that their adventures barely afford them a break, the TARDIS materialises on an 18th … >

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Doctor Who Main Range 245: Muse Of Fire review

The first of two December releases for the Big Finish Doctor Who main monthly range brings the TARDIS to Paris in 1922. Travelling with Ace and Hex, the Seventh Doctor is keen to meet some of the creative greats of the age, but instead finds himself at odds with his old sparring partner and fellow … >

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Star Cops: Mother Earth Part 2 review

The second series of Big Finish’s Star Cops audios takes the threat posed by the Mother Earth terror group into unexpected new directions, as the tendrils of the anti-space colonisation conspiracy introduced in series one are revealed to reach even further than Nathan Spring and his team had suspected. The result is a strong and … >

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Star Cops: Mother Earth Part 1 review

In the summer of 1987, the BBC transmitted a show which fused the genres of science fiction and crime; Star Cops followed Nathan Spring, a traditional copper thrust into space as the head of the nascent International Space Police Force. Devised by Blake’s 7 script editor and Doctor Who scribe Chris Boucher, the show was … >

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Sylvester McCoy

‘Doctor Who’: ‘Revenge of the Swarm’ (Big Finish 189) audio story review

Sometimes the ambition of a Doctor Who story utterly outstrips the production’s ability to deliver and 1977’s ‘The Invisible Enemy’ is a case in point. The story, involving a sentient space virus which infects the Doctor and prompts a Fantastic Voyage style adventure into the Time Lord’s head, is probably best remembered for the introduction … >

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