Fourth Doctor Adventures S9 Vol 1 cover art

The Fourth Doctor Adventures Series 9 Volume 1 audio review

The Fourth Doctor Adventures Series 9 Volume 1 returns us to Tom Baker’s final season on-screen. Set during the “E-Space trilogy”, it reunites the Doctor with Romana II, Adric and K9 for the first time on audio. Notwithstanding some interesting stories, and our favourite version of Tom’s outfit, we find this era of Doctor Who hard work. … >

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When Christopher H Bidmead was Doctor Who script editor

Christopher Hamilton Bidmead became script editor of Doctor Who in late 1979, brought onboard by new Producer John Nathan-Turner. Bidmead had been an actor, scriptwriter and journalist, and was recommended to JNT by Robert Banks-Stewart (who had written for the show in the mid-Seventies). He inherited a situation where JNT and Executive Producer Barry Letts … >

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