Doctor Who Season 25 The Collection

Doctor Who Season 25: The Collection Blu-ray range announced

Sylvester McCoy’s penultimate season as the Seventh Doctor is the next release in the Doctor Who Blu-ray collection. A special trailer containing archive footage from Season 25 and special features from the release was released to mark the announcement. The stories also feature Sophie Aldred who plays iconic 80s companion, Ace, who joins the Doctor … >

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Doctor Who: Classic Doctors New Monsters Volume 4 audio review

Four classic Doctors take on monstrous creations from the mind of Moffat in Classic Doctors New Monsters 4: Broken Memories.  Across their countless adventures, the Doctor often runs into foes they have met before. Classic Doctors, New Monsters gloriously exploits this fact by imperilling pre-2005 Doctors with threats from the modern series. As the range … >

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Sylvester McCoy

The Last Day – Big Finish to tell the Seventh Doctor’s final story

Sylvester McCoy’s devious Seventh Doctor is promised an epic 12-part audio adventure send off.  With classic Doctor Who‘s untimely cancellation in 1989, Sylvester McCoy’s Seventh Doctor didn’t get to go out on his own terms. Had the show returned, there were tentative plans for a regeneration at the end of the forthcoming season. Of course, … >

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Sylvester: Who’s The Real McCoy?

Sylvester McCoy’s life story to be brought to the screen

Sylvester McCoy will tell his extraordinary life story in a very special film as a part of his 80th birthday celebrations. Entitled Sylvester: Who’s The Real McCoy?, the film sees McCoy telling his remarkable life story on screen — the first time he has released any kind of memoir — and the first ever movie … >

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Doctor Who: Once and Future 3: A Genius for War Special Edition cover art

Doctor Who – Once and Future: A Genius for War audio review

The third instalment of Big Finish’s Doctor Who 60th anniversary series is Once and Future: A Genius for War. It’s a rematch for the Seventh Doctor and Davros – but will there be unlimited rice pudding for all? For Once and Future’s third story, we find the degenerating Doctor – in his seventh incarnation – … >

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Doctor Who on Forces TV – twelve classic stories

Further to the recent announcement, we now have a list of the stories Forces TV viewers can look forward to.  After the exciting news that a selection of classic Doctor Who stories from the 1970s and 80s are coming to Forces TV, we were left with a puzzle – what would they show? Thanks to … >

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Classic Doctor Who is coming to Forces TV

The UK free-to-air channel beings a run of classic Doctor Who stories this month.  Forces TV have announced that they will be showing a run of twelve stories from the classic era of Doctor Who. With BBC repeats a rarity and access to these episodes otherwise needing a subscription or a boxset budget, it’s great … >

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Weeping Angels

‘Doctor Who’ audio review: Classic Doctors New Monsters Volume 1

Big Finish finally releases one of the most anticipated titles from its extended Doctor Who licence this month: Classic Doctors, New Monsters – Volume 1. The concept is simple; four single-disc stories, each with a classic Doctor and a monster from the post-2005 TV series. All you need to know is the idea works very well on … >

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