Class: The Audio Adventures Volumes 3 and 4 review

Class: The Audio Adventures continues the world of Doctor Who’s teen spin-off, with two further volumes of audio afterlife. Focussed on the exploits of a group of Sixth-Formers at the Coal Hill Academy, plus a couple of alien refugees, the Patrick Ness helmed series created some compelling characters in an all-too-brief run on TV. While … >

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The Lives of Captain Jack Volume 2 cover art

The Lives Of Captain Jack Volume 2 review

Two years on from his first solo outing on audio, under his own name rather than as part of Torchwood, Captain Jack Harkness is back for another trio of stories drawn from different points in his endless lifespan. A time-traveller, conman, hero and sometime companion of the Doctor, the vibrant former Time Agent was joined … >

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Class: The Audio Adventures Volume 2 cover art crop

Class: The Audio Adventures Volume 2 review

Released the same time as Volume 1, Class Volume 2 is another set of three stories centred on the comings and goings at Coal Hill Academy. The good news is this set of stories is (at least) as good as the first! The bad news is Big Finish has yet to announce any more stories. … >

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Class: The Audio Adventures Volume 1 cover art crop

Class: The Audio Adventures Volume 1 review

Making its debut via the online BBC Three, and with some shoddy treatment from BBC One schedulers, it is fair to say Class, 2016’s Doctor Who spin-off, struggled to find its audience. Set around the Coal Hill School, a location with enduring links with the parent show, Patrick Ness created a drama series aimed at … >

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10 of the best moments in ‘Doctor Who’ spin-off ‘Class’

Following its recent airing on BBC One, let’s take a look back at the first season of Class. Buy Season 1 on DVD on Amazon here. Buy Season 1 on Blu-ray on Amazon here. Here are our 10 favourite moments from the Doctor Who spin-off’s first season…   10. Miss Quill and the Number 55 to Oxford Circus … >

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5 ways to improve ‘Doctor Who’ spin-off ‘Class’ if it gets a second season

When the latest Doctor Who spin-off series was first announced back in October 2015, the initial reaction ranged from scepticism to outright hostility. By the time Class launched online on BBC Three last autumn, following a promising trailer and confirmation that Peter Capaldi’s Doctor would be appearing, fans seemed slightly more welcoming. However, the eight episodes failed to attract … >

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‘Class’ episode guide: What happens next?

Created by YA author Patrick Ness, Class is BBC Three’s new eight-part Doctor Who spin-off series. Coal Hill School holds some very dark and deadly secrets in its shadows….but who will survive? Order Season 1 on DVD on Amazon here. Order Season 1 on Blu-ray on Amazon here.   Episode 1: ‘For Tonight We Might Die’ Saturday … >

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