The Third Doctor Adventures – Revolution in Space audio review

The Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith enjoy a visit to the future, where Earth’s expansion into space has led to colonies in the asteroid belt – and revolution is fermenting.  Set in Jon Pertwee’s final season, ‘Revolution in Space’ brings us a futuristic, science fiction tale. On a TARDIS trip, the Doctor and Sarah Jane find … >

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Big Finish cast Michael Troughton as their Second Doctor

Patrick Troughton’s son will take on his father’s role for a new run of box sets. Doctor Who audio producers Big Finish have taken the step of casting Michael Troughton as the Second Doctor. A successful actor in his own right, Michael Troughton starred in the 1980s/90s political sitcom The New Statesman with Rik Mayall. … >

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The Third Doctor Adventures

Doctor Who: The Third Doctor Adventures Volume 6 audio review

Big Finish has a justly deserved reputation for quality audio drama, recreating favourite Cult television shows. Even they can’t match their own high standards every time, which is why a more average release stands out from the crowd. May 2020’s Doctor Who: The Third Doctor Adventures Volume 06 is at best average, and shows even Big … >

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