Doctor Who Stranded 2

Doctor Who: Stranded 2 audio drama review

Doctor Who: Stranded 2 continues on immediately from the previous boxset, but provides a substantial change in tone In our review of Stranded 1, we admired the bold experiment of forcing the Doctor (Paul McGann), Liv Chenka (Nicola Walker) and Helen Sinclair (Hattie Morahan) to spend time in 2020 London. We were treated to a set … >

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Cover of the October 2020 Big Finish Torchwood audio The Three Monkeys

Torchwood: The Three Monkeys review

A lonely night-time stakeout by PC Andy Davidson takes an unexpected turn when he’s joined by Torchwood operative Owen Harper, who seems to know more about the police case than he’s willing to let on. But it’s not just Owen’s reluctance to disclose that’s irritating Andy; it’s the fact that he’s been given this thankless … >

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Torchwood Soho Parasite

Torchwood Soho: Parasite review

London’s Soho district in the 1950s was an area in transition. A bustling crowded enclave of pubs, clubs and cafes that had emerged from the harshest restrictions of post-War austerity but which was a decade away from being able to embrace the seedy and the satirical sides of the swinging Sixties. The swirling pea-soup smog … >

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Torchwood: Red Base

Torchwood: Red Base review

The much-loved character of Sergeant Andy Davidson takes centre stage in this latest monthly Torchwood audio release from Big Finish. Red Base is a blend of sci-fi caper and whodunnit, which sees Andy dispatched to investigate unexplained deaths on the Mars colony at Starr Base. What makes this personable Welsh copper’s task a little easier … >

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Doctor Who: Stranded 1 cover art

Doctor Who: Stranded 1 audio review

Doctor Who: Stranded 1 sees the Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann) facing a challenge like no other. In the wake of the epic Ravenous finale, having defeated The Eleven and multiple Masters, he must endure a truly alien environment: the Time Lord and his friends Liv (Nicola Walker) and Helen (Hattie Morahan) must live on their … >

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Torchwood: The Hope review

Reunited from May 2017’s dark, disturbing and deeply funny ‘Corpse Day’, the latest Torchwood monthly release features Owen Harper (Burn Gorman) and PC Andy Davidson (Tom Price) working undercover. The story begins with Owen delivering a fatal cancer diagnosis to a prison inmate. Andy is on the case too, as a prison warden, with the … >

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Torchwood 22: Goodbye Piccadilly review

This month, Big Finish serves up a sequel of sorts to 2016’s Ghost Mission, which saw Sgt. Andy Davidson paired up with 1950’s Torchwood operative Norton Folgate, played by Samuel Barnett (Dirk Gently, Big Finish’s Cicero). While the first story saw Norton in the present day, ostensibly there to assess Andy’s suitability to join the … >

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‘Torchwood’ audio story review: Gwen returns in ‘More Than This’

Since returning to the Earth defending game, post-Miracle Day, Gwen Cooper has been working primarily from the boot of her car with only her long-suffering husband Rhys as backup. As Torchwood’s hub was destroyed in ‘Children of Earth’, Gwen is seeking to re-establish a new base of operations in the Cardiff Bay. The major obstacle … >

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What are the cast of ‘Torchwood’ doing now?

Outside the government and beyond the police, Torchwood were ready to fight the future on behalf of the human race for four seasons across 2006 to 2011 before the team was put on indefinite hiatus at the end of US/UK co-production Miracle Day. Thankfully, those good people at Big Finish have begun to reunite the … >

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