Clickbait leaps in at #1 in the latest Nielsens

The latest Nielsens are out and Clickbait is the new #1 — we dig deeper into the data We’ve been absorbing the Nielsen ratings for August 23-29 and Clickbait is the clear viewer’s choice (despite very mixed critical response), but as ever we’ve taken a deeper look into all the figures, then produced a narrative to … >

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Outer Banks owns the Nielsens

Outer Banks owns the latest Nielsens during a generally flat week

Outer Banks owns the latest Nielsens as the top 10 looks fairly flat Last week’s Nielsens had Outer Banks charging straight in at #1, and for this week we predicted: Outer Banks looks good for the win, Virgin River should begin a downward drift, and we expect more churn, with Bosch in the firing line. General interest in … >

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Outer Banks

Outer Banks takes the #1 spot in the latest Nielsen ratings

Outer Banks is a clear winner in the latest Nielsens, pushing recent champions Virgin River back into second place We have the Nielsen ratings for Jul 26 – Aug 1, and they have a few surprises. As a reminder, last week we predicted: Surely Virgin River has another week at the top, based on what we’ve seen, … >

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Unstoppable Virgin River

Unstoppable Virgin River still tops the Nielsens by some distance

Three weeks since the drop of season 3, the unstoppable Virgin River has over a billion minutes viewed again The Nielsens are out for the week July 19 – 25, and Virgin River maintains what looks to be an unstoppable lead over all other shows. Last week our prediction was: Virgin River must, surely, hold the top, and … >

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Virgin River tops the Nielsens

Virgin River tops the Nielsens with the release of season 3

Virgin River tops the Nielsens thanks to the release of season 3 The Nielsens for the week July 5-11 are out and there’s a new number 1. Last week we predicted some churn, drop-off for a couple of shows but did think Loki would keep top. We’ll get to the figures in a moment, but it’s … >

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