‘Doctor Who’ spoiler-free speculation: The fate of Clara and Danny

Now that it’s been revealed that Missy’s agenda involves Clara (“I have chosen well”), and with the growing collection of people gathered into her Promised Land (aka The Nethersphere), we cannot help but begin to speculate on the possible destination of the Owsald/Pink romance.

Danny and Clara’s relationship has blossomed since their first awkward foot-in-mouth encounter at the start of ‘Into the Dalek’. It struggled through a time travel-riddled first date in ‘Listen’, where Clara nipped out to meet the young Danny Rupert and then a possible future descendant (Colonel Orson Pink). It even coped with the Doctor’s unsubtle infiltration of their working environment in ‘The Caretaker’, during which the Time Lord and the not-PE teacher finally met.

However, showrunner Steven Moffat has indicated there are tough choices ahead, warning that “one of the watchwords we have this year is there are consequences for choosing to live like this. It’s not a fairytale. If you have people back home, if you run away it’s going to have an effect on them.”

With that ominous statement in mind, what are the options for the end of the season?


Clara leaves the Doctor for a life with Danny

Doctor Who Samuel Anderson Danny Pink

After Clara’s anger at the events of ‘Kill the Moon’ where the Doctor seemed to entirely misjudge his role, apparently abandoning her to make the decision for humanity, this appeared to be a highly likely outcome. The team even went as far as to not feature Clara on the promotional images for ‘Mummy on the Orient Express’ (which would have been clever if they had not already mentioned her in the synopsis).

Like a moth to the flame, Clara was drawn back for one last hurrah with the Doctor and has since started to lie to Danny… if he asks her to make a choice, could she really give up the time travel for good?


Clara leaves Danny to travel full-time with the Doctor

Doctor Who Flatline Clara

Unlike most companions, Clara has always failed to fully commit to a life on board the TARDIS. While Rose, Martha and Donna occasionally came home, and Amy installed her beau on board, Clara has maintained a home life and more recently pursued her teaching career in-between adventures.

Much has been made of her self-confessed control-freakery, so it makes us think that only a seismic split with Danny could spur her to take up with the Doctor permanently. Let’s face it, if she wasn’t prepared to commit with a Doctor she got on with (and fancied), it is even less likely with this spiky, more abrasive incarnation!


Danny joins the Doctor and Clara on the TARDIS

Doctor Who Danny

Given Danny and the Doctor’s relationship so far, this would seem to be an arrangement doomed to failure. That said, Rory only really boarded the TARDIS to be with Amy, much as Mickey did to be with Rose, and both of them reacted to the life in different ways; the former embracing it and the latter moving on when he realised he was a spare part.

Could Danny’s attitudes towards the Doctor soften with travel and adventure? Perhaps he might find some redemption for the incident which brought him to tears when we first met him.

Samuel Anderson has certainly given the impression that he’ll be around beyond Season 8, telling us: “I feel like I’ve just begun … I’m only just learning how far you can push performances in the show and what you can do.”


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  • Just Dee

    Or how about …….. Danny is put into a situation where it appears he has to sacrifice himself. Clara, devastated because she thinks he’s dead, decides to leave the Doctor without ever having told the Doctor or Danny that she is pregnant.

    Leaving the door open for Danny to return to the TARDIS in the future.

    Also leaves the door open for Danny & Clara’s baby to be the grandfather (great-grandfather?) of Orson Pink.

    • Ian McArdell

      It might be that, but I’m hoping there will be no pregnancy involved. It feels like we did all that with Amy and Rory (and River!)

      • New2Who

        I agree somewhat, but pregnancy has to happen eventually, unless Clara isn’t Orson’s grandmother

      • Harvey Wren

        You think only Amy could be the only pregnant companion he’ll never have? That theory is what I concluded as well, that Clara will be pregnant and Danny possibly dies so she leaves. Sounds more like the work of a fanfiction writer than an actual Who writer, but the possibility is there and it would make a good reason for her to leave the TARDIS, since Jenna is rumoured to leave this Christmas.

        • Guest

          Rumored but not confirmed by either The BBC or even Jenna herself.

      • guest

        I agree its been done already. I also noticed that most if not all the NuWho female companions were married off.

  • Ash Kershaw

    Haven’t both actors been confirmed for the Christmas Special? Pretty sure they have.

    • Ian McArdell

      Jenna has, I’ve not seen Samuel Anderson confirmed for it as yet.

  • Cathy

    Well Clara’s leaving the show anyway, this we already know. How? I don’t really care, I am not fussed about her as a companion, so won’t miss her.
    I would not mind if Danny stayed as a companion.

    • Josh

      It’s not confirmed she’s leaving. It’s a RUMOUR. Something that a lot of people don’t seem to be able to grasp.

      • Jordan

        Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman have both signed up for session 9 before season 8 began airing.

        • Harvey Wren

          They said Matt Smith had signed up for this series and look, no Matt Smith. And even he himself had to drag that lie out because there were rumours he was leaving before it was announced.

          • Guest

            Matt Smith did not say he signed up for Series 8. He said his name was only attached from an early Radio Times interview. There was no confirmation from him or The BBC when The Sun came out with that article with cobbled up quotes that Smith was game. 3 weeks later Smith’s exit was announced.

          • Harvey Wren

            He still had to drag the lie out that he was going to continue as the Doctor in series 8 because it hadn’t been announced (since the rumours had begun already) he was leaving the show and so most people assumed he would be continuing. Having said that, I heard him say in an interview (though there was likely a lot of them) last year about going back ‘next year’ to begin with series 8, so what you’ve said doesn’t make sense to what I heard from his own mouth, because THAT is what I mean by he had to drag it out.

  • Sally

    If Clara isn’t on the show, Danny won’t be either. New Who doesn’t seem to approve of male companions unless they are attached to a female. Or short term, like Jack.

    Danny could dump Clara for lying. He told her he would. I don’t think he would object to her traveling with the Doctor, it seemed like he would just support whatever decision she made, but she CANNOT lie to him. So, that’s a train wreck up ahead.

    The Doctor knows Clara lied to both him and Danny and didn’t seem to mind? I may have misread that.

    Not sure if Danny can be a companion though, with the Doctor’s new “I hate soldiers” thing. Also possible that the Doctor would be pleased if Clara and Danny broke up.

    • denise moore

      I don’t think The Doctor really hates soldiers. He showed no hate for soldiers in Time Heist or “Mummy on the Orient Express”. I think The Doctor wanted to see how much Danny loved Clara, what would he do for her. I remember him saying in “The Caretaker”, “it’s a start” after Danny distracted the monster.

      The Doctor was most pleased with Orson Pink too. He also saved The Doctor in the episode “Listen”.

      • Harvey Wren

        I doubt it’s a case of hating the ‘soldier’, it’s just what they stand for. He’s never said he’s hated the person, is what I mean. just soldiers in general. It’s been said (not that I’ve seen them all) that in the classic episodes, he never exactly travelled with or made a companion out of the Brig.

  • Gene

    Clara dies in a tear jerker episode, then the Doctor goes out and finds another Clara (they’re scattered across time and space) priblem solved. Danny likes the new Clara even better and the Doctor hardly notices the difference.

    • Blank

      Those ones do have an annoying habit of getting themselves killed, though. Very quickly.
      Seems like split-Claras have a short shelf life.

  • ben

    I figure Danny is going to try and force Clara to pick either stay with him or go with the doctor and tell him she cant have both then Clara going to think, then she tells Danny that she is choosing the third option that if Danny wants to be with her he has to travel the doctor and the doctor wants her to keep traveling with he has to take Danny along

  • mememe

    If Danny dies how will he have a great-grandson? Clara must get pregnant before that… or someone else, of course..

    • Craiggleswrath

      What if he already has a kid that Clara doesn’t know about?! O__O

    • guest

      What if Clara leaves to travel with The Doctor and splits with Danny who marries someone else? Maybe he even get a job offer from UNIT and meet someone else? Just a thought…

  • devilmaycare34

    A long while ago they did an article introducing danny as a “companion” it should probably let us know what will happen. Plus Danny’s great great great great whatever said “Time travel runs in the family” so either clara and danny have kids or he has kids with someone after time travelling for a while. I also like the idea that clara goes and finds her own Tardis.

    • Guest

      Danny wasn’t introduced as a companion but a recurring character.

  • SteveF

    Speculation: Danny and Clara have a split after he discovers her lies. The next time Clara sees him is in the finale where he has been partially converted into a Cyberman and no longer remembers her.

    Peter Capaldi’s character tries to help but is betrayed by his UNIT friends during a new Cyberman offensive – UNIT are unsure if he’s The Doctor and can not therefore trust him. The finale resolution, and Danny’s possible restoration depends upon Clara’s actions, and Capaldi’s character yielding full control of The Doctor’s mind and body to his other part Missy.

    As we end the series it is uncertain who The Doctor really is now.

    • denise moore

      UNIT will always know if he’s The Doctor. The Doctor works there, remember?

      • SteveF

        UNIT have evidence, (from alien tech), that he may not be who he seems to be. They can also see that Missy is a Timelord with almost identical DNA to the Timelord claiming to be The Doctor. That is why they distrust. (I know The Doctor works with UNIT btw, I’ve been watching since the Jon Pertwee era).

  • elmowarrington

    I like Danny but, I kinda hope it doesn’t work out because Clara and the Doctor clearly have something and it is cute and it kills me because he thinks he is still young looking and aweehh. If anything, I either hope Danny goes or they both travel with the Doctor.

  • Catherine Yarham

    I keep thinking that there are multiple versions of Clara now in the Doctor’s various timelines. So Missy might have “corrupted” one… and another version or the “real” Clara comes back to be with Danny?

  • Maria Oliveira

    scenes revealed in the next episode shows a possible hit-and-run of Danny.

  • Pyro411

    Clara dies saving Danny, shortly thereafter Danny forces the Doctor to maneuver the TARDIS to minutes before Clara dies. This would save Clara & his younger self causing a Paradox which sends Danny & Clara into the world with Rose & the Metacrisis Doctor forever separated from the current Doctor. Queue Jenny, Strax, and Vastra for EMO stage 2.

  • Tina

    well meaning they meet “pink” in the future and he talks about his grandparents time traveling together which made him time travel also…… makes you wonder 🙂

  • ErynnSilver

    Except Clara’s off pretty soon so she’s not gonna stick around; we knmow this… and they’re suppsoed to have a decendent so she at least has to get pregnant.

  • Jamie

    I think, based on Clara’s quote from the trailer of Dark Water, ‘You will never step inside your TARDIS again,’ that she’ll have a signature fit of anger like we’ve seen in Derp Breath, Kill the Moon and Mummy on the Orient Express and split from the Doctor, only to be killed and the other quote, ‘Clara Oswald had never existed,’ will come into play as she is possessed/bodyswapped or something.

  • Pea Green

    So, by now we have seen the first series with Peter C and I, for one, have loved it. I have watched Doctor Who since episode one over fifty years ago and I can state without reservation that I have never, ever, hated a character as much as I have that revolting Danny Pink! Good riddance. Lord, I hope they don’t find some schmaltzy way of bringing him into it again. Having your all time favourite television programme ruined after a lifetime of watching would be a MAJOR p*sser.