Ronin is getting a TV remake

The 1998 movie Ronin is best remembered for its incredible car chases, that string together a heist plot. The movie starred Robert De Niro, Jean Reno, Natasha McElhone, Jonathan Pryce and Sean Bean, and has been a continual seller on disc formats.

That said, it’s not the kind of film that ever got close to getting the sequel treatment. Instead, some 20 years later, a television spin-off series is in development.

It’s going to be overseen by Michael Hirst (who was creator and showrunner on The Tudors and Vikings). It’s unclear yet just when to expect the new Ronin, just that a deal has been done with MGM TV to bring the series to the screen.

Early days, then. No casting or further creative talent has thus far been announced. We’ll let you know more when we have it.


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