‘Last Tango in Halifax’ interview: Nina Sosanya chats about Kate’s shock twist

Last Tango in Halifax star Nina Sosanya chats about the shocking events of tonight’s episode.

Last week’s cliffhanger saw Caroline (Sarah Lancashire) discover that Kate had been in an accident, with doctors desperately trying to save her life, and the opening minutes of tonight’s episode revealed that Kate had died.

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CultBox caught up with Nina for an exclusive interview about the shock twist, what it’s like playing a ghost and her favourite memories of working on Last Tango in Halifax


What was your reaction when you found out that Kate was going to die?

“It was, er, it was bizarre!

“I was warned before I read the script – which was kind of them – and my honest initial reaction was ‘oh that’s a good idea!’, because the drama is great, but then slowly it dawned on me that I wouldn’t be in it anymore! So that was a bit of a slow burn, but it was off for me because from an outside opinion I could completely see why that’s a great story turn.

“But it was quite devastating to have to say goodbye to that relationship, particularly with Sarah [Lancashire], because you build up a working relationship that’s quite unique. It was really sad.”


Did it make it harder that you didn’t get a death scene to say goodbye on screen?

“I’ve never been in that situation so I don’t know. Yes, possibly, there would’ve been some sort of closure! So yes, one minute I was there and then I wasn’t.”


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At least Kate comes back as a ‘ghost’!

“Yes, that’s quite an interesting thing to play, because you’re not really playing the character anymore, you playing it as imagined by someone else. So that was a challenge, it was quite good really.”


How do you think fans will react? Has it been hard to keep it secret?

“Yeah, it’s been really hard. I’ve got a couple of friends who are really into it and I haven’t told anyone yet! I don’t know what the reaction will be, hopefully it’ll be strong.”


What will you miss most about working on the show?

“Oh, the crew and the cast and the production team – the people, all the people!”


What are your favourite memories of your time on the show?

“Larking about with Sarah Lancashire, I suppose! It’s been a really education because it’s been one of those jobs where the more you can have a light time, the deeper into the work you can get. And I think watching people like Sarah and Annie and Derek work like that has been brilliant.

“Also, me and Sarah right at the beginning, getting hysterical that we were about to kiss each other. And the fact that it became so very normal after about 30 seconds!”


Last Tango 3 4


Michelle Hurst from Orange is the New Black plays your mum, although I imagine you didn’t really get any scenes together; did you get to meet her and have you seen any of Orange is the New Black?

“I’m ashamed to say I haven’t [seen any episodes], but I did meet her on her first day and she’s an absolutely gorgeous woman, I was very happy that she was supposed to be related to me, but she was lovely. Although no, unfortunately I didn’t get to work with her.”


Would you like to work on a Sally Wainwright show again?

“Oh my goodness, yes! Instantly! She’s uncanny, I don’t know another writer like her, she writes beautifully for all sorts of characters and I’d loved to play any one of them, so yeah.”


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What did you think about Kate being killed off? Let us know below…

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  • M.M.

    Thank you for this interview. I needed to hear from Nina Sosanya. And now at least we now it wasn’t Nina’s choice to leave the show. Which just makes me even more sad and angry about Kate’s death.

    If nothing else, I hope this show as brought Nina to the attention of others who will now create something for her to star in. She did such an amazing job creating Kate the caused so many of us to fall in love with her and the Caroline/Kate relationship. I hope Nina feels the love.

    I did not like this episode. All of those emotional scenes could have worked with Kate being alive. It’s always a joy to watch Sarah Lancashire transform herself into Caroline, but I still don’t understand why Kate needed to be sacrificed for her to be showcased.

    I don’t know how the show moves on from here. Kate will truly be missed.

  • Sally Hyde

    I think it was a bad decision to make, killing off Kate. The oldies are allowed a functioning relationship, as are the teens and the dysfunctional middle aged Gillian and Robbie. It is so typical of TV to not be able to depict a lesbian couple successfully. I am very disappointed in this story line direction. I guess having, prime time, lesbian kissing was too much for the BBC to cope with?

  • Lynnette Jones

    Poor decision. I cancelled my advance order of series 3. This wonderful programme has become a bad soap opera. I absolutely love Sarah Lancashire and her on a screen interaction with Nina was superb and so believable.

    • Sally Hyde

      I also bought seasons 1&2 but wont be buying season 3 – why would anyone? I was so enjoying their relationship and how it was difficult for Caroline’s family etc etc – so real and so many would have been able to relate. But no-one will be able to relate to this episode 🙁

  • Roxy

    It was wrong on so many levels.

  • Roxy

    And yes I was going to buy the dvds. But I wanted to see the end just in case they fucked the lesbian story up. Well…..suprice they did and lost money since I’m not buying that now.

  • Jo

    I found the episode just utterly disrespectful and unrealistic to Kate…the show now becomes just another boring heterosexual show which I will no longer watch…Sally has definitely let the side down..loved Nina

  • Laura Richardson

    I am disappointed. Kate and Caroline were good foils for one another and this element will be missed. I can’t imagine buying this season’s DVD. Too much death and not enough living.

  • murphymac43

    How long can one stay in a bad mood over the death of a character in a story? Well, it’s been 2 hours now and I still have a lump in my throat. Why did you do it, Sally? You didn’t have to do it.

    • Alex

      Frankly I have been in mourning since last week. Completely gutted! I feel so manipulated and let down. Yes, it speaks to the writing and brilliant acting by Sarah and Nina that this loss of a fictional character is so very painful. But honestly I’m not sure I can continue watching – it is too aggravating too painful, too brutal to kill Kate so soon after the wedding. Apparently to heal the rift between Caroline and Celia? (as SW stated in an interview) Please! Celia gets off easy and Caroline gets the same self-involved mum / teenager / ex-husband and now and infant to care for? It’s just too brutal. I’ll switch off the telly and switch on the fan-fiction. No DVD’s for me either.

  • Nina fan

    Absolutely the worst decision that the brilliant Sally Wainwright has made.I feel like she has picked all of us up and swung us around her head and then smashed us against a wall.Both Nina and Sarah portrayed the romance beautifully,sensitively,naturally.Hopefully,Nina will find some other brilliant roles.Thanks Nina for your wonderful interviews and stunning performance.

  • MAH

    A very bad decision has been made. After all the crap that Caroline’s been through with her stupid husband then to do this to her is very short-sighted on behalf of the writer. Why couldn’t she have chopped someone else and not THE main character’s partner. I just cannot imagine LTIH being worth watching anymore!

    • Sally Hyde

      Agree – That waste of space, boring character ‘John’ would have been better to have been cut.

      • Angela

        Why oh why did they have to spoil this programme that I’ve loved since it’s beginning. I’m disappointed, they were by far my favourite couple that I miss so much. Bring back beautiful Kate.

        • Mags

          Totally agree. I have been tearful for 9 days. Kate and Caroline were so in love. Nina Sosanya is a fabulous actress and her interview is so brave and touching. I hope Sarah and Nina remain such good friends.

    • Jo Schwartz

      Agreed I think it’s a big mistake

  • KJ

    Strange choice – the heart of the show is cut out. Why? Was it so very difficult to explore the most interesting relationship in the show? Kate is gone – I guess no one but Caroline will miss her in the brief seconds she’ll have to grieve before being immersed in the minutia of the other characters lives. The rest of us will not be easily distracted. Kate’s character seems to have been just a prop after all. I watched through to the end of the show – not sure why. Nina Sosanya did a great job with what she was given.

    • Sally Hyde

      I guess I will still watch til the end, but not with the same excitement and anticipation. I think it’s now spoiled. I agree with you Nina Sosanya was fantastic and I hope this is a spring board for her future sucess.

    • Dissapointed

      Couldn’t agree more, Sally didnt actually have to kill anyone off, the show was strong enough without that! I think its lost its way now, these two were, in my opinion the heart of the show and to just kill Kate off was so wrong! Caroline will not be able to be Caroline anymore. I also thought it was very repetitive to have Cecilia refuse to go to the wedding. Only two more episodes to go, its all a. Damp squib now! Wrong decision Sally you should have kept Kate in!

  • Mdme Curie

    LTIH had the most promissing lesbian relationsip on telly ever. To kill Kate of for narrative (yeah I red Sally’s reasoning and it doesn’t add up for a second!) is cheap, nasty and not trama but soapy bullshit! It is not a myth that lebian characters are portrayed cliche’s so it’s a missed opportunity to address homophobia and bigotry (Celia). Ceila and Caroline were already speaking again after the fall out so using that line/lie to save the relationship between them… sorry so unrealistic it’s a ratings cop out. And no straight folks will never get it.

  • Nina fan

    A shocking decision to kill Kate.It was great watching their relationship develop.I don’t understand Sally’s reasoning behind this move.SW provided us with something magical and with this move she has taken it back to an ordinary soap.I am devastated and have spent the last few days unable to think about anything else

  • May

    I haven’t even watched episode 4, and won’t be doing so – the whole thing has got so ridiculously “dramatic” and what I loved about the series was the fact that it was realistic! There are so few depictions of lesbian relationships as being normal, just another family format, and now it’s gone.

  • Cat T

    I can’t remember being so affected by a character’s demise as I was with the loss of Kate. I don’t think we can question the brilliance of Sally Wainwright as the depth of characterisation will continue to flourish.. The fact that so many have took to making their feelings known is a result in itself. This wonderful series kept us warm and comfortable but a writer isn’t always challenged with those feelings alone .
    I wanted a series 4…Now I’m not sure my heart can stand it.

    • Jo Schwartz

      I love ur last line ..

  • Laughsxx

    LTih was a prog about love late in life. Second chances etc. that theme ran thru all the dysfunctional characters and had humour and pathos through. Unlikely public love came for the gay characters, not least by the fab acting of sarah Lancashire. I watched with my 18 year old daughter and loved her belly laughs at the one liners and squirmed as she accused me and my mother of a similar relationship. Why did we lose celia and Alan and the hidden phobes be allowed a true voice.
    a reason not to cook cabbage three times?

  • Cate53

    Unhappy! No need to kill off Kate – there goes your diversity BBC!!!

    However, psyched to see Michelle Hurst – LOVED Miss Claudette on OITNB and after she was in a bad car accident, so glad she looked so well.

  • bringbackKate!

    Cruel and unusual! I will miss Kate and Nina so much! I haven’t spoken to a single person who though it was a good idea and I just don’t know how I feel about the show anymore.

  • Denise

    Such a cliched storyline so disappointed. I expected better from Sally Wainwright. I loved the,s show but have now lost interest.

    • Scott

      I am so angry about the writer’s decision to refuse to develop a gay relationship in the series. But–my remote just goes (click!) and I’m reconsidering my support of our public television station!

  • EternalOptimist Muneebah

    So disappointed…I agree with Sally H. I thought how progressive and brave for the BBC to show a loving and healthy same-sex relationship. Kate’s death did add drama, but at what cost?
    Can’t understand how they went from getting married to having a funeral in the span of two episodes…way too much drama! This should have been an end of the series move. If the show is picked up for another season, I think this will be the last season for me.

  • Bella Sorella

    Just watching the show here in the states now and I’ve loved every episode of this series, until tonight when Kate died. There could have been a different ending, Sally is certainly creative enough. So disappointing.

  • Lisa

    To nights show was very good, but when it took Kate(N/S) so long in getting back to Caroline(S/L) I knew she was gone or something had happen to her. I don’t like the fact that Kate was written out, but coming back as a ghost is a good Idea. For a mom not to see her baby before she dies is terrible, Kate wanted her baby some kind of bad. (Sad)

  • Kim S

    DEVASTATED! Just when I was just getting into the show… I really don’t think I can watch it anymore. Sorry… Why, why, why????

  • Don Naff

    I am heartened by the comments I see hear. Once again, we see that the world is not really ready for a true homosexual relationship. We have to either kill them off or portray them as acerbic, abrasive mutual and self haters. Broke back Mountain. Call the Midwife. And now Last Tangi in Halifax. Of course, this portrayal has as its underlying purpose a continuation of the extremist religious view that, no matter what advances have been made in equalizing rights, homosexuality is wrong. Well, I’m very sorry. At sone point someone is going to do one of these relationships right (perhaps Modern Family?) and the rest of you are going to be shown as the last-gasp sychophantic supporters of an ugly and repressive and dehumanizing dying world view that you are.

  • Trish the dish

    They did a cousin Matthew on her, only it was Dan Stevens choice to leave Downton. I will miss Kate.

  • mb

    Was it fear or pressure that caused this decision. We can see the other lead female sleep with everyone in the whole town of Halifax but dismiss the ‘real’ relationship in the entire series. Shame on you, Sally Wainwright. My suggestion: Bend to the criticism, and bring Kate back, perhaps in a coma for a few episodes. We will forget your mistake very quickly and you can continue writing brilliantly with confidence and courage.

  • Rose Jenkins

    I was definitely upset, surprised and irritated. There was an immense amount of great storyline that could have been developed based on Kate and Caroline’s marriage and baby and the extended family. In addition to that, Nina Sosanya was excellent in the role and very enjoyable to watch. The character of Kate did so much for the character of Caroline – bringing her to a level of being able to accept herself and to not care about other people’s opinions; to bring Caroline into a better sense of self and more happiness in her life. We have lost the opportunity to see more of their relationship developed.

  • Gemma Marcus

    Really killing Kate is not good drama at all it is a cheap shot. This was a great opportunity to show a healthy biracial couple dealing with a blended family and no they bump off Kate.
    I may stop watching now as some of the positive energy is gone.
    It makes me sad!

  • L. Crayton

    I dont agree with SW reason to kill off kate. She could have repaired Caroline and her moms relationship thruJohns death or the babys birth. Im not playing the race card but kate added some diversity to the cast . So now whats the point of making this character gay when she doesng have a mate and i read SW doesnt plan on giving her another one. I guest i will watch to see how Caroline raises the baby she didnt really want alone.

  • Yankee Jean

    This is horrible. Here in America we always kill off the Black character and we’re the most racist society in the world. Now Sally Wainwright is in that category. Blimey, as you say.
    Plus I love Nina Sosanyo, her acting is deep and quiet. And really funny. I hope she gets another show quick that we can import.

  • Sandra Rivers

    That’s it for me. Mainly started watching this in Series 2 because of “Kate.” Now, I’m going to follow Nina Sosanyo

  • Kimberly W

    Disappointed to say the least..why develop an awesome storyline just to bail out on the character. I even started my mother on the series..I don’t make a point of watching the whole episode I catch the last 10 or 15 mins.

  • cill

    I liked and appriecated sally’s ending the kate Chatacter. I see it happen in other stories. Whys this so different?

  • Isabella McNally-sezer

    Not happy about Kate being killed off. Don’t know why they couldn’t continue to keep her in the script. I preferred that then the constant sexual relationships marking Julianne a tramp. It is beginning to get sickening.

  • Jane

    It’s interesting that people with negative things to say are
    always the loudest and most prolific. I’d take a guess that of the many millions of viewers, the disgruntles and harsh judgments and accusations reflected in the comments here and about are not an accurate representation, either of the story, or of viewer perception. I think these negative assertions are tragically misguided. For those who have already made up their minds and have no interest in respecting the storyteller’s vision, it will be their loss.

  • cathy davitt

    I have just seen this on ABC Sydney and had thought that Sally Wainwright’s skills were good enough to depict a happy lesbian couple.
    Instead she followed the scripts we have seen so often in so many movies and just killed a lesbian character off. What? Do we only have value as Ghosts? Sally missed her chance and let us all down – she had a rare opportunity to depict the normality of a lesbian relationship. And God knows she could have knocked off any of those other dysfunctional heterosexuals instead!!

  • Sue Douglas

    I am so sad they killed Kate off. I think it was a terrible decision. Why couldn’t they have had a story line where the father enters the picture and now wants to be a part of the baby’s life and work that drama out. I loved Kate!