‘Doctor Who’ Season 10 to begin filming in May 2016?

Peter Capaldi’s third season of Doctor Who will reportedly begin production in May next year.

Unofficial talk has circulated since August that a full season will not air in 2016, with a split season over 2016-2017 looking highly likely.

> Here’s everything we know so far about Season 10.

Questioned about the rumours last week, Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat confirmed that Season 10 will definitely comprise 12 episodes and a Christmas special, as Season 8 and Season 9 have done.

Moffat told press in London: “I know that what I’ve signed on to do is 13 more episodes of Doctor Who – including a Christmas special. I’m trying to argue for slightly more than that, but we’ll see. It’s all in action, it’s not that long away. It’s really close.”

However, when these episodes will actually air is still a mystery.

He commented: “If you’re talking about scheduling, that’s BBC One – they will speak.”

Doctor Who 9 3 Under the Lake Peter Capaldi Twelfth

Doctor Who production designer Michael Pickwoad has now apparently revealed in an interview with Radio Free Skaro that Season 10 will begin filming next May.

A full season of Doctor Who, including Christmas special, has traditionally taken approximately nine months to film since the show returned in 2005.

Season 8 and Season 9 both began filming in January, launching on BBC One in late August and mid-September respectively, while episodes were still being filmed.

If Season 10 begins filming in May, it’s almost certainly impossible that the entire season would be broadcast in 2016.

Doctor Who 9 Peter Capaldi Twelfth

Since the show’s return in 2005, there has been a full season each year apart from 2009, when specials leading up to David Tennant’s departure were shown instead, and in 2012-2013, when Season 7 was split either side of 2012’s Christmas special.

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What are your hopes for Season 10? Let us know below…

  • Kieran Cooper

    That comment on Steven Moffat hoping for slightly more, could that mean that 12th Doctor could have specials or just a longer series. I would want to have more than 13 stories anyway. Plus a 2 year split I don’t mind away just make the stories good and I’ll be happy

    • MurrayFutterman

      Apparently, Capaldi said in another interview (Scottish Herald, I think) that he was recently told that series 10 could be his last series. He didn’t say who told him this – could be his wife, his barber, or Rutger Hauer – but it was probably Moffat. Perhaps it’s because Moffat has decided to leave after series 10 and he can’t guarantee if his replacement will want to use Capaldi or a new Doctor, perhaps the Beeb have said they want to replace him after one more series… who knows? It definitely wouldn’t be Moffat’s decision, you can tell he’s got Capaldi’s back just by his annoyed reaction whenever someone asks who the next Doctor is going to be. But if that is looking like what is happening, perhaps Moffat wants an extra episode or two for his finale and/or Capaldi’s?
      (Personally, I’m crossing my fingers for some awards recognition for Capaldi this year, that would certainly help keep him in the role if he wants to continue.)

      • Matthew Hewitt

        That’s doubly sad if true; not only would I like to see Capaldi stick around for more than three years, but I don’t want a safe replacement in the David Tennant mold because that’s what the BBC thinks the series needs to be a success.

        • Gingermeggs

          BBC shouldn’t pander by casting based on looks rather than talent. If they do put in another pretty boy no talent, the show will lose lots of viewers. What the BBC should be doing is promoting it better. Putting in a Tennant clone might appeal to young girls, but they are not the only audience. Lots of us are NOT teenage girls and want good actors, and want the best person for the role. Capaldi is the best doctor yet and hope he stays for as long as Tom did.

          • edward

            Tennant was great and I liked Smith, though I felt he was a bit similar on the heels of Tennant. I’m glad they went for an older Doctor, and Caladi was a dream casting. Just such a shame how Moffat has degraded the show.

            I hope CapaLdi stays as long as Baker, but as for Moffat, he can’t go soon enough for my liking.

      • LMD18

        Where are you getting this info? Steven Moffat hasn’t said 10 will be his last series in any source that I can locate, and Peter Capaldi didn’t tell the Scottish Herald (or elsewhere that I can find) that 10 could be his last. In fact, they both gave interviews to the BBC just a few days ago that indicated neither of them would be going anywhere anytime soon.

      • Charlton

        If that is true, Moffat can’t just force Capaldi to leave if his successor doesn’t want him. A successor would have to deal with it.
        Knowing all what Moffat has done, sounds more like he wouldn’t want another writer touching his creation.

        • edward

          Aye, it would be more of a Moffat ego thing than anything, imo. I really, truly hope that Capaldi stays on without him – I love Cappaldi’s Doctor, but Moffat’s really not given him much to work with, dumbing the show down at every turn.

  • Totally lost all interest with Capaldi. Haven’t watched the Zygon two-parter. Will probably binge around Christmas. 2016, whenever you get to it Moff…

    • Colin Forbes

      A shame, because you missed what is probably the best Who episode since 2005.

    • stuart1001

      What do you want? A medal? Totally your loss.

    • Ella

      Your loss. You are missing the best series and you missed probably one of the best episodes in years.

    • Hh

      Well you are missing what is easily the best series the show has had since the revival and last Saturday’s may be one of the single greatest episode Who has ever had. You are also missing an acting performance from the best doctor the show has ever had. Capalid and Moffat has proven to be by some distance the best team the show has had.

    • LMD18

      Why? Because he’s not some young chap and he’s closer to what Classic Who was? Well, your loss, mate. Nine is the best series since the modern era of Who began.

      • Gingermeggs

        Amen to that. Casting a young bloke with nice hair to appeal to teenage girls rather than a good actor or someone who actually behaves like the doctor should would just be repeating all of the problems with casting David Tennant and would be such a stupid and panicked mood. The ratings in Australia are fine, it’s just that more people watch on catch up or ABC iView than live now and from what I read the ratings are only a little down in the UK. I don’t know why you all think the show needs changing. There is no doubt that the acting is the best it has been over the entire history of the show – Capaldi is a bloody legend but the writing is so strong too. We’ve had the best encounter ever with Davros, a spooking underwater episode with cool time travelling, history one with some great stuff about mortality and guilt and then the zygon two parter which was one of the best things ever on the show.
        What they do need to do is get another companion who has a bit more oomph. Jenna is a great little actress but her character isn’t as strong as Amy or River. I think if they cast a good companion or maybe two and fix up those little things people in the UK complain about like when it’s on or whether it’s dark or light outside (??) then there is no reason series 10 might not just top series 9 as best of the new series but might get back some of the casual viewers.

    • Gingermeggs

      Well a lot of us think this year is the best the show has been and most TV critics seem to agree. Capaldi is the best thing that ever happened to this new version of the show as we have back a good actor who plays the doctor not a silly juvenile or a love sick fancy boy, but a grown up version of the doctor who has clear links back to great doctors like Hartnell, Pertwee and Baker. Those of us who like intelligently written and wonderfully acted Doctor Who which embraces both classic and new Whoare very happy. Moffat is doing a fab job as well writing and running the show. Your loss mate.

    • Charlton

      The Zygon two-parters were actually quite good, apart from a few moments. But they were one of the better really justified two-parters in recent years. And I’m usually very critical of the show!

  • I’m loving it at the moment. 12 is probably the best Doctor (my brain says Peter but my heart still says Matt) and Moffat probably the best writer. If a delay of a few months gives the writing team more time then who can possibly complain about that? Imagine series nine but even better: If we watch TV in heaven then that’s what we’ll watch.

  • Wizza

    Very interesting. A four month delay would suggest series 10 could start with the Christmas special and run on from there – the only problem with that being a full year without a Who fix. Hence, I imagine, talk of specials. A couple of bumper episodes around the summer period would tide things over nicely, even if they meant a slightly shorter run in the new year. Seems like the best way to avoid a disjointed series 7-style affair. And then back to Easter Saturday launches from 2017? Everyone’s happy.

  • Tom42

    William did you listen to the interview? Michael Pickwoad said filming “won’t start until well into the new year, probably February or March.”

    The guy doing the interview is the one that said “filming won’t start until May”

  • Charlton

    They could easily film in May, and start episodes in November/December. Just a little more work, but it could be done!

  • Ian

    I wouldn’t mind if the series started in the Autumn and then carried on in January. Not carry it over to April.

  • edward

    Here’s hoping these are Moffat’s last episodes, though I’m not sure whether it can be saved when he goes or not. Keep Capaldi, ditch Moffat!