‘Doctor Who’ writer Moffat confirms Missy return

Steven Moffat has revealed that he’s already invited Michelle Gomez back to Doctor Who to reprise her role as Missy.

Gomez joined Doctor Who as Missy, the first female incarnation of The Master, in ‘Deep Breath’. Season 8 concluded last month on BBC One with ‘Death in Heaven’, with the Brigadier returning as a Cybermen to ‘kill’ Missy.

However, Moffat told Radio Times: “I’ve already asked her to come back.”

The showrunner added: “The Master is never dead, no matter what happens to him or her. She’s entirely unzappable!”

Doctor Who Dark Water Missy

Moffat also recently hinted that more two-part stories could be on the way for Peter Capaldi’s Doctor: “I dunno, there’s something about Peter’s Doctor that it suits.”

Doctor Who returns later this month with ‘Last Christmas’.

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Season 9 begins filming in January.

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Are you looking forward to Missy’s return? Let us know below…

  • Hagar Muhammad

    I expected that because like he said “The Master is never dead”, but I am still glad he confirmed it.
    Her character was one of the very few things I actually loved about the finale, and I don’t think I can get enough of the Doctor’s freaked-out look when she flirts with him 😀

  • Carla Luz

    This is what I want most!!!!!!!!

  • Dave Turner

    Then Moffatt needs to hang up his keyboard and let a real writer handle her part. Her sappiness was like nails on a chalkboard. She needs to be much meaner and not acting like a love sick school girl.

    I’m all for a female role as the master but make it as dark as the other masters.

    • Bom

      And she is. You just want to complain about something.

      • Dave Turner

        Incorrect. She bandied about like a lovesick puppy in that last story line and that was completely unbecoming. Like I said, I have absolutely no problem with the Master being female. I just think she should have been much colder in her persona and Moffatt seemed to screw the pooch on that one.

        • Stephen Williford

          I for one think you’re incredibly wrong on wanting the Master to go back to being Delgado-dark. In universe the reason for the Master’s insanity has been broken, Missy was a clear sign of wanting to do something else with her life, and maybe find that she’s not the only monster out there. I really like the way the character is progressing and hope it leads to a reformed Master somewhere down the line.

          • Dave Turner

            You could be right. However seeing her portrayed as a lovesick puppy was embarrassing to say the least.

          • FunFacts

            if memory serves (and sadly it doesn’t often enough) even the original incarnations of the Master had an affection for the Doctor, now with the reason for the madness gone the Master has a much more clear mind to think with and maybe that is why the Master became Missy. Just a thought.

          • Dave Turner

            I’d say it was more the affinity of a rival than affection but my memory isn’t that good either.

          • Stephan Crabtree

            Ever occur to you that she’s just fucking with the Doctor per usual? She regenerates as female, and gets a new angle to fuck with his head.

  • Charlieboy

    The Master was awful!

  • Justin Ryter

    Missy was the reason why I stopped watching Dr. Who. It ruined an iconic character.

  • Mat Greenfield

    Glad to hear they’re bringing back two-parters. There were a few stories this year that should have been sacrificed to give more time to the better stories. For example, no ‘The Caretaker’ to give ‘Time Heist’ more breathing room and budget to build on what it had to squeeze into 45 minutes. No ‘In the Forest of the Night’ to give a well-deserved extra episode to Missy and build her up as a villain.

    Moffat’s been quoted as saying that he dislikes two-parters because it means people won’t tune in for the second part if they didn’t like the first. In that case, make sure the first episodes are good, Moff! That’s your job! We know how much you like to blame the audience for not “getting it”, but it’s a failure of the writing and not of the viewer if people are switching off. I can understand how easy it must be to become complacent on a show as popular as Doctor Who, but pick up your game Steven or you’ll be remembered as the one who killed it…again.

  • Jason Chamberlain

    i liked her character but dont like time lords changing sex, its stupid and just setting up a female doctor for the future, if you want a female time lord then bring back a regenerated Romana, Rani or Susan or bring the doctors daughter Jenny back.

    Missy will never be the master for me just a mentally challanged relative!, its just too stupid!

    • Hagar Muhammad

      I totally agree.
      I love her, but as a separate character.

  • Johnathan Wright

    Screw Missy…#SaveOsgood!!!

  • greeta

    Great news. Just as Peter Capaldi immediately became The Doctor from that first glimpse of eyebrows, Michelle Gomez immediately became the Master from our first delicious glimpse of her in Deep Breath. A performance which beautifully matched Capaldi’s and together they have sizzled onscreen. Moffat has written them as yin and yang perfectly and there is so much more that he and other writers will be able to do with these two. Having the Master in a female form has widened up the possibilities of the character and relationship wonderfully. Hoping to see a bit of her in the Christmas episode.
    For my money, the greatest “new” character we’ve had in Who since 2005 and makes John Simm look like a pathetic wuss.

  • Rose

    I kinda expected it! I worked out who Missy was well before the end-I knew sge could have only been bad by her ‘nice’ attitude in the earlier episodes. But then her actions and mannerisms did kind of remind me of the wonderful John Simm as The Master. And it really isn’t difficult to take Missy and get Mistress and finally Master, is it?

    I knew she’d be back-and I like it!

  • Kay Dee

    Writers, enough with the master. We get it; the master is evil, the master never dies. It’s all so predictable.

  • Stephan Crabtree

    Michelle Gomez’s performance of the Master was exceptional. I will easily rate her among the best performances of the roll. Torn between 1st and 2nd…