Michelle Gomez confirms Missy is returning to ‘Doctor Who’ next season

Michelle Gomez

Doctor Who star Michelle Gomez has announced that she’ll be back as Missy in Season 10.

She revealed the news at MegaCon in Orlando over the weekend – as well as revealing that she wants Missy to kiss Captain Jack.

The Scottish actress confirmed: “I can say that I will be doing the next season.”

She then joked: “…and that was a massive spoiler and now I’m sacked.”

Gomez first appeared as Missy, a female incarnation of the Master, in 2014 and reappeared in last season’s opening two-part story, ‘The Magician’s Apprentice’ and ‘The Witch’s Familiar’.

Doctor Who 9 Missy Michelle Gomez The Magician's Apprentice

Gomez was recently nominated for Best Supporting Actress in the 2016 British Academy Television Awards – the first ever BAFTA TV Supporting Actress nomination for Doctor Who.

She will next be seen in Amazon’s first UK original dramaThe Collection. Created by Oliver Goldstick (Ugly Betty, Pretty Little Liars), the family saga is set in the post-war Paris fashion world.

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The first of Steven Moffat’s final 14 episodes as showrunner will be this year’s Christmas special, with a full season of Doctor Who starting on BBC One in spring 2017. New showunner Chris Chibnall’s first season will air in 2018.

Doctor Who The Witch's Familiar Michelle Gomez Missy

Season 10 will begin filming in July, with Pearl Mackie joining Peter Capaldi’s Doctor as new companion Bill.

> Here’s everything we know so far about Season 10.

Are you looking forward to the return of Missy? Let us know below…

  • Mat Greenfield

    Mostly so that series ten doesn’t spend most of its time staring at its own navel, I hope that the Missy story is folded into the Gallifrey story that I’m pretty much certain we’re going to get this year. I imagine that Missy’s “brilliant idea” (given that she knows all about where and when Gallifrey is) was to offer the Daleks a way to help them conquer Gallifrey. With Rassilon having been unceremoniously exiled by the Doctor, she seizes the vacancy as President as a way to seed the Dalek invasion. But Rassilon returns and a civil war ensues with the Doctor showing up and interceding, revealing Missy’s pact with the Daleks. If we’re going back to mostly one-part stories next year (because Moffat thinks we need a “simpler version” of the show, groan) then let’s get as much new stuff as possible rather than having a story each used up on Gallifrey and Missy.

  • russell

    I was delighted for Michelle, that she received a BAFTA nomination; and it makes total sense that she will return for Steven’s series 10. However, I am not the biggest fan of her character-and find her more serious/deadly moments…far more effective than her broader sweeps of mania. A little too OTT for me. That stated, she and Peter work very well together, so it would be cool if they were involved in a very strong tale to tell.

  • Dr. Moo

    One of the best-written characters on the show in years and the definitive version of what the Master should be.
    Gomez’s performance brings everything that the Master should be – pure evil, manic craziness, unpredictability and incredible fun to watch.

    • Edward Delingford

      Missy is right up with Delgado for me and like him and Pertwee, she is the perfect foil for/distortion of the Doctor with Peter Capaldi. Seeing those two brilliant actors reeling off that fabulous Moffat-y banter is pure heaven. I think if Missy series 10 is as wonderful as she was in series 8 and especially series 9, then, yup, pretty well the definitive version.

    • She just kind of spouts oneliners. I don’t see what the big deal is. She’s not as emotionally profound as John Simm or as independent and powerful as Roger Delgado. In fact, the Master she reminds me of the most is Anthony Ainley, the sort of second-rate recurring villain without any real point.

      • Bill DaButler

        Anthony Ainley was awesome!

        • He was indeed, but his incarnation riffed on Roger Delgado’s take a bit too much(which wasn’t his choice), without the meatier parts that make the character so interesting. The same could be said about Gomez.

      • Dr. Moo

        Simm profound?! With his skeletore and his disco dancing?!???!

        • Charlie David Arnott

          As much as i love Michelle Gomez , John Simm was about 10 billion times better . He did ‘all’ of the things Michelle does but with a much greater emotional range.

          • tarc_d

            Hard pass on Simms. Not to my taste.

          • Charlie David Arnott

            Fair enough , you’re perfectly entitled to your opinion.

        • Tom Baker also talked into a giant penis monster, so what? Most Doctor Who characters have their goofy moments. John Simm had some of the best scenes the Master has ever had, like the phone call in The Sound Of Drums or the “you don’t need to own the universe, just to see it” scene from The End Of Time. Those were scenes that expanded the character in a way Michelle Gomez hasn’t. My problem with her is that she simply doesn’t have a reason to exist beyond being cool. There’s no thematic relevance to her character or continuity with Simm’s incarnation. The slightest rewrite could be done on both of her stories to remove her and nobody would know.

          • Charlie David Arnott

            Very well put Flynn . I think John is probably the best Master so far , just like David was as The Doctor in my opinion . I think Michelle had or has potential though , she was just poorly written .

          • Yeah, I’m a fan of Michelle and I think she’s very entertaining, but I don’t take her seriously in the slightest. I look forward to see what they’ll do with her in Series 10(since she is confirmed to return), but my expectations are low. It’s Moffat’s last year, so it’s going to be an even bigger irreverent Douglas Adams-lite party series than last year.
            My favourite Doctor is Eccleston btw, although Tennant definitely had a good run, especially towards the end.

          • Charlie David Arnott

            That’s awesome , i loved Eccleston . He did a superb job , i just wish he would’ve stayed longer.

          • Ditto. I still hope that one day he’ll pull a Tom Baker and rejoin Doctor Who when his career is over.

          • The_Eternal_Dalek

            I’d argue it’s quite the opposite, she’s entirely thematic. That’s why your demands that she could be written out hold, because she’s there solely for character development rather than plot development.

          • What character development? The Master went through a ton of changes in the RTD era, all of which was just dropped unceremoniously. No, she’s just a villain again. Who apparently has nothing better to do than stalk the Doctor and Clara(seriously, Simm and Delgado at least had initiative to mind his own business. The Doctor wasn’t the most important thing in the universe, just the Master’s greatest weakness.)
            Then there’s the Master’s insanity, which, let’s be honest, has never been as false as Missy’s “bananas!” catchphrase. Simm’s insanity was over-the-top, but it always felt real.
            As with the Daleks and practically everything else in the show nowadays, Missy is Moffat’s way of poking fun at the character, rather than actually do something useful with her. And what little she does do is just out of character. The Master isn’t an idiot and knows the Doctor would never accept the Cyber-army. Nor would he want the Doctor to have that kind of power.
            He wouldn’t bother going to Clara to find the Doctor, it’s just so undignified. A girl! How inappopriate.

          • The_Eternal_Dalek

            I pity you, I know things were subtle in the Dalek story, but the 2014 finale was practically beating us over the head with the resolution of the “Am I a good man” arc. You can argue about execution of it all you want, but it’s definitely there.

          • As I said, “what little she does do is just out of character”. I specifically talked about the Cyber-army bit.

          • The_Eternal_Dalek

            But I’m not talking about her as a character, I’m talking about what she does for other characters. She has a purpose.

          • By making Clara and the Doctor not act like self-entitled arses all the time? Be still, my beating heart.
            Meanwhile, in The End Of Time, we have the Master honestly consider giving up villainy and uncovering the root of his pain, the Doctor having to fight his own people and picking up a gun only when the universe itself was threatened(as opposed to just Clara… he wouldn’t even pick it up for humanity itself in that story). And finally, when all is said and done, the Master does choose to do the right thing, but it’s not enough. The Doctor still has to regenerate and for an old pensioner of all people.
            THAT. IS. DRAMA. What Moffat gave us is a cartoonish corpse of good drama.

          • The_Eternal_Dalek

            Love & Monsters. That is a cartoonish corpse, but that ruins your beloved RTD doesn’t it?

            Question the quality but the intent is clear.

          • Love And Monsters is just one s**t story that doesn’t bother anyone unless you actually watch it. Death In Heaven and Hell Bent are both series finales though, and continuity-heavy.
            Intent is meaningless without quality. Why should I care about a story unless it’s told well?

          • russell

            Some interesting thoughts Flynn. It is proper that Missy is as different from her earlier selves, as the Doctor is to his; but it is a shame that many of The Master’s original quirks have been lost ( failed to be replaced by a set of new ones ). There was a charm to Delgado…a quality perhaps best captured by Ainley, in his performance as Tremas. When bringing back an established character- to virtually ignore what went before,is practically pointless. They are not the same,but something else…And perhaps,that is what Missy should be? A Timelord baddie from the Doctor’s past, but not that bloke with the beard who had a nasty habit of shrinking people. More Rani- than Black gloved fiend.

        • Edward Delingford

          Don’t forget he can shoot those kool bolts of lightning. Great character development right there from good old Rusty.

  • Edward Delingford

    Hurrah! Adore Michelle, adore Missy. There was no way Missy wasn’t going to appear in Steven Moffat’s final victory lap series. Michelle and Peter are superb together and while I agree that her quieter and darker moments are effective, when she goes full on Missy mode with Peter’s doctor quietly getting her measure, it just works gloriously.

  • Matt Littledyke

    Yes despite what some fans say I think she is a great villain in Doctor Who

    • Edward Delingford

      The best Master to date date I say it. A wonderful counterpoint to Capaldi’s doctor, deliciously evil and has real character heft unlike Simm’s one note loony tunes. No comparison for me.

  • roland69uk

    Great news, almost makes it worthwhile waiting 12 months now

  • Dalekbuster523

    So glad Missy is returning in series 10. Michelle Gomez will always be the definitive new series incarnation of the Master for me.

    • Edward Delingford

      For most people I think. Last series sealed the deal. The very well deserved BAFTA nomination shows the respect the critical community have for Michelle’s characterisation and brilliant reimagining of what had become a tired character and the clever, clever way Steven Moffat writes for her and positions her in relation to the equally vivid and complex 12th doctor. Missy is undoubtedly one of Moffat’s triumphs along with River Song.

  • Sam Dimmeh Dimitrijevic

    Welp, if I didn’t need another reason not to watch next year…….

    I’ll just stick with proper, pre 2005 Who thanks.

    • elShoggotho

      You mean, proper stories like The Happiness Patrol or The Horns Of Nimon? Seriously, you guys are even worse than Moffat apologists.

      • Dr. Moo

        The Happiness Patrol was good.

        • Andrew Tomlinson

          Agreed, it’s one of the most misunderstood and under-rated stories the show did in the 80’s. Sly was brilliant in that story.
          And to people who saw The Kandyman as farcical and stupid… You missed the point!

          • Edward Delingford

            Another vote for Happiness Patrol from me. I do like Sylv’s doctor rather la ot.

      • The Horns Of Nimon is fantastic.

      • Donna

        The happiness patrol was a great subversive anti-thatcher script. Watcs the scene where 7 disarms the gunman – one of the high points of the entire 80s program. Shame who fans are among its most adversarial trolls

        • russell

          You appreciate the quality of Mr McCoy’s scene with the gunman, from season 25? From 1988? My dear Donna…you have the most wonderful taste! “Look me in the eye. Take my life….Throw away your gun” –

      • Sam Dimmeh Dimitrijevic

        Happiness Patrol is fucking amazing and Horns of Nimon is hysterical.


    • JAFischer

      Grow up. I watched the old show, and I enjoy the new show. If it had never been cancelled, it probably would have headed in a direction similar to this because of changes in the audience.

  • Doctor What?

    Well I’m not at all suprised.

    • Dr. Moo

      I don’t think anyone is, but it’s good to have confirmation.

  • JAFischer

    Does Missy hear the drums, or are they now gone?

    • Dr. Moo

      Who cares? The everlasting drumbeat was a ridiculously contrived plot development that didn’t go anywhere. I’d be perfectly happy to sweep that one under the rug.

      • Claire Watling

        The drumbeat was kinda essential to David tenants exit…. we heard the 4 knocks from the master, Tennant was still there, leaving us thinking he’d escaped his fate… which is what he’d been trying to do, but then wilf knocked 4 times, breaking our hearts. The drumbeat may have taken a while to show its meaning but it did and was brilliant!

        • Edward Delingford

          I thought it was cheap and showy and fortunately all of Simm’s regrettable Master has been swept away by the rather fabulous Missy. Praise be.

  • Andrew Tomlinson

    They’ll be surprising us with “News” like “Doctor Who will involve time travel and aliens” next.
    It’s as much confirmation as the doctor telling you that your feet are on the right way round… you always knew it, but… confirmation is always good. It;s far cheaper to have ONE “Go To” character than three to pad your plots, particularly when two of those three require the expense of massive prosthetics every time they appear.

  • Carla Luz

    Yay Missy <3
    take my soul!

    • Dr. Moo

      Be careful saying stuff like that, Missy probably would take it!

      • Carla Luz

        thats what I want :3

  • Greetl

    Great news. Apart from Peter himself, Michelle Gomez’s Missy is what makes the Capaldi era so outstanding. Great actress, really well observed character and wickedly funny as well as genuinely terrifying. We are miles away from John Simm’s pantomime Master pitted against David Tennant’s emo doctor. Plus Michelle has wholeheartedly embraced the Who fandom, adores playing the role and working with Peter. John Simm famously hated how his character was written, disliked his time on the show, didn’t like working with David Tennant and as a result wants nothing to do with Who again. Not surprised given how stupid the writing in Last of the Time Lords and End of Time is.

    It would be good if we got a story where Missy and the Doctor had to team up in the Tardis against a common threat where they had to trust each other. Any Missy though is great. She is awesome.

    • MargaretL

      I kind of love how much respect and camaraderie there has been between the cast on Doctor Who in recent years. Matt, Karen and Arthur are great friends and have appeared together at heaps of events. They are completely crackers together. There is some wonderful youtube footage of them from Comicon, mucking around and singing, playing bowls and generally having the time of their lives. From what you hear, there was a terrific spirit on the set at the time after some of the earlier issues during RTD’s time. Peter and Jenna adore each other and Michelle has completely dived into Whodom with a real glee. Having them together at the forthcoming conventions in the US is going to be a blast and I hope to see lots and lots of accounts on social media. When you have a fantastic spirit on set it does really show. I understand David was having some issues at the end of his run and was apparently a bit standoffish towards the cast and crew and a bit difficult to work with but it’s clear that he and Catherine at least had a ball, and Chris was known for how supportive he was to the crew, but you just get the feeling that it’s been the last two sets of Tardis occupants who have really had the very best time making the show. Pearl looks set to continue this trend. Feel sorry for John Simm. I guess if David wasn’t in the best mood at the time, it wouldn’t have helped them build chemistry and he might have felt a bit cheated that his part wasn’t better written. There is some footage of David and John together at a BBC New Year event after Last of the Time Lords was filmed where you can practically see the ice forming between them. Still, John Simm came back for End of Time, so they must have resolved their issues I guess. Still, a shame that John Simm’s bad experience has denied us our chance of seeing him regenerate into Michelle Gomez.

      • Dr. Moo

        I would really like to see John Simm regenerate into Michelle Gomez. We’ve only ever seen the Master regenerate once before now (Traken and The Movie don’t count) so I would welcome another such moment. Why not show her origin story, provided a good enough plot can be built around it? Maybe in a flashback? There’s got to be a way to organically work something like that into Moffat’s final season, if so then I say do it!

      • Jessica Cobden

        Neat piece of writing

      • ERGO

        Cool info. Heard about John not being happy on set but thought problems might be down to Johnny Barrowman and David acting up and annoying people by being childish and doing silly practical jokes. The filmed stuff David did for series 3 behind the scenes also shows how frosty things were between him and John. Apparently David tended to hog the scenes away from other actors and started to get a bit full of himself towards the end of his time on the show. I’ve read a few things about David IRL not being the cool relaxed dude he appears to be. Anyway, no clash of egos on set since Matty the Matt and Kaz and Arthur turned up. Happy days for everyone. Wow I miss them so much but Missy is super amazing too. Love her totally.

  • Interested for her return, George Brind (of Employ My Ability), not so much.

  • John McJ

    In other news, mathematicians have discovered that 2+2=4

  • ERGO

    Oh Missy, you’re so fine, you’re so fine, you blow my mind, hey Missy!

    • Greetl

      Ha. That song always come to mind when reading about Missy as well! Too cool.

  • Cheryl Croman

    YOU BET I AM !! I love Missy. The Doctor will have to watch out for some fun and games.Michelle Gomez is turning out to be a great asset to Doctor Who.