Moffat confirms an extra ‘Doctor Who’ episode

Steven Moffat

Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat has revealed that he is working on another Doctor Who episode in addition to the ones already announced.

The BBC confirmed last month that Moffat will step down as Doctor Who showrunner at the end of the next season.

As rumoured for some time, Season 10 will not air in 2016. Instead there will be just a Christmas special this year, plus BBC Three’s upcoming spin-off, Class.

Steven Moffat’s sixth and final season in charge will air in spring 2017.

The Sherlock writer had previously stated: “I know that what I’ve signed on to do is 13 more episodes of Doctor Who – including a Christmas [2016] special. I’m trying to argue for slightly more than that, but we’ll see.”

It looks like that arguing has paid off, as Moffat told the Daily Record yesterday: “Ahead of me this year I’ve got fourteen Doctor Who‘s and three Sherlock films…”

Doctor Who Heaven Sent Peter Capaldi Twelfth

It’s currently unknown whether the newly-announced fourteenth episode will be 2017’s Christmas episode, an extra episode in Season 10 or a one-off special later this year.

The Mirror reported last October that the BBC was considering screening “feature-length specials” in 2016 instead of a full season, so perhaps this would fit with that rumour.

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Season 10 is expected to begin filming in May and Broadchurch creator Chris Chibnall’s first season as Doctor Who showrunner will air in 2018.

> Here’s everything we know so far about Season 10.

What do you think the extra episode will be? Let us know below…

  • Joe Cogan

    Please, please, please let it be a feature length special with Capaldi, Smith, and Tennant teaming up to face some menace or another.

    • Even better, Have McGann come back.

      • William Johnson

        Yes, a nice epic McGann/Capaldi team up. That would be super fun!

      • coolarrow

        And they can all stand around and ask where the guy with the big ears is.

    • 211197gb

      I would guess it might include smith as he was a Moffat doctor and this is like a Moffat send off however I don’t think Tennant will be back.

      • If the opportunity was presented then of course Tennant would be back.

      • ThePurpleFrockCoat

        Oh he’ll be back if asked.

    • That would be good – but it’s unlikely enough that I think we must, with great sadness, rule that out.

  • PiDicus Rex

    Sooo, this would be like the year Tennant had four specials ?

  • Ian McArdell

    Hate to rain on anyone’s parade, but isn’t this just likely to be a 2017 Christmas Special under Moffat before Chibbers takes the reigns for 2018. I’m guessing it would be filmed at the end of the S10 recording blocks, while the 2016 Special will start it.. just as Series 4 was bookended wirh ‘Voyage of the Damned’ and ‘The Next Doctor”.

    • John Kosto

      I agree, and at the same time I am fine with it.

    • Tim Cerchia

      are we already nicknaming chibnall? i kinda like it. chibbers. the chibs. lay your chibs on the table. ….ew, no never mind on that last one.

    • Kids grama ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      I don’t like the idea of regeneration on the Christmas special. Because it really doesn’t fit with all the “jingle bells, yay it’s x-mas” mood. I’d rather an two-part episode before the 2017’s x-mas special.

      • Alex_L_H

        Seems to me that the regeneration would happen before the Christmas special and then the special is a “get to know” the new Doctor. They’ve done it before.

  • Err… Series ten has twelve episodes. Add the 2016 and 2017 Christmas specials. That’s fourteen. Nothing we didn’t assume already.

    Just so long as none of the fourteen feature the Doctor regenerating. If we lose Twelve there will be consequences.

    • CultBox

      Moffat previously said: “I know that what I’ve signed on to do is 13 more episodes of Doctor Who – including a Christmas [2016] special. I’m trying to argue for slightly more than that, but we’ll see.”
      That was the last we’d heard about episode numbers and BBC have said Moffat’s leaving “after Season 10”.
      Moffat probably is doing Christmas 2017 ep, but it’s def not been confirmed.

      • Emilio

        Series 10 was going to be in 2016 when he said that. With it moving to 2017 it’s far more likely that he’s doing a normal 12 episode season and both Christmas specials rather than any kind of “extra” episode don’t you think?

  • Emcube

    I think it’s this year’s Christmas special and next year’s as well. My guess is that next year’s series will be the series 10 as he actually envisioned it (including the Christmas special), and this year’s Christmas special is the extra one that he’s having to write now because of the BBC’s scheduling change.

  • Ron H

    I want to see Capaldi together with David Bradley as #1.

    • dilbert719

      Oh, now you have me wanting the Four Doctors, with Capaldi, McGann, David Bradley as One, and… anyone, honestly, just needed to get to four since they’ve already done the Three Doctors. Reece Shearsmith as Two, perhaps, if they can’t convince Sean Pertwee to stand in for his father?

  • Mike King

    What a great pity the showrunner has so much difficulty running the show. Hopefully Chris won’t be so divided and can actually manage the hurculean feat of one series per year instead of treating as all like chumps.

    • Daniel

      Not fair. Most of these scheduling issues are down to the BBC for not getting a new showrunner in place last year when Steven Moffat had already let them know he was leaving and secondly, demanding another series of Sherlock from Moffat. Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch are huge international stars and Moffat and Gatiss would have been trapped in the timing as to when they were both available for the three months or so needed for filming. Don’t forget Moffat is going the BBC a huge favour by staying on for series 10.He could have easily left the BBC in the lurch by leaving which due to the very late decision to give Chibnall the job and Chibnall’s pre-existing commitment to filming Broadchurch 3 over this summer, would have meant no new Who at all until later 2017/early 2018. It’s convenient for the BBC to have fandom bash Moffat constantly about the scheduling of Who, but it’s always down to them in the end. He is the convenient scapegoat usually for them.

    • rellim77

      Each episode takes weeks of writing, rehearsing, pre production, post production etc and then you’ve got the 3-4months press tours and conventions that the cast and crew are contractually obligated to do. Doctor Who is a full time job over 12 months, it’s a mammoth task getting it all together and Moffat manages it whilst also spending time doing the same with another huge show.

    • Helles

      But even if we accept that Steven Moffat has had difficulty juggling his time effectively between Sherlock and Doctor Who, he still managed to deliver last year what is pretty well universally seen as the greatest series of the show since it was rebooted in 2005 and one of the best things anywhere on television last year, including the episode Heaven Sent which is already hailed as perhaps the greatest single episode in the history of the show and a fabulous Christmas episode with River Song and before that, a set of brilliant series of the show and the record breaking 50th anniversary special. That’s a pretty good record for someone who apparently is only working on one cylinder!!

      • neroden

        Um. Right.

        I guess I’m unusual in thinking that Heaven Sent is cheap and pretentious drivel. Oh well.

        • Just Me

          yeah…you are.

          • Dave

            No he isn’t.

  • Emilio

    Before you get all excited take a breath and think for just a second. There’s a Christmas special in 2016, then 12 normal episodes in 2017 then a Christmas special for 2017. That’s 14 episodes, not a single one of them “extra”.

  • Daniel

    I just hope it’s not a two part big regeneration episode for Peter Capaldi as the show simply cannot afford to lose him during this transitional period, but I guess most likely the BBC have asked Steven Moffat to pen the 2017 Christmas special as well so that Chris Chibnall starts completely fresh in 2018. A least it means we get another episode from the superlative Steven Moffat before the show gets thrown to the dogs with Chris ‘Cyberwoman/Broadchurch2’ Chibnall. Sigh. Good on Moffat though for trying to get as many episodes out of the BBC as he can. He is already doing the BBC a huge favour by staying on after they stuffed up the scheduling and the timing of the handover to the new showrunner, so writing another episode is just a bonus. Very excited about how Moffat is going to go out. I doubted the show could ever reach the creative heights of series 5 again, but last year was utterly fresh, exhilarating and gave us a consistently excellent series which even managed to top series 5.

    • neroden

      You mean “42 / Dinosaurs on a Spaceship” Chibnall? Or “Countrycide” Chibnall?

      Chibnall’s got quite a writing range.

      I actually found the most recent season… well, it was better than Capaldi’s first season, but it had a gobsmackingly stupid arc plot.

  • Mabel

    More Moffat and Capaldi is ALWAYS good news. I really don’t mind waiting until this time next year for more Who. All I can think about is that with this extra time to plan and write, Moffat is going to want to top even series 9. Absolute best thing on TV last year and I am going to wear out my lovely Steelbook Series 9 when it arrives. I am very happy about ‘Class’ because of its pedigree and hope Peter does pop up in that too. Everything I’ve heard so far is very positive! I am still living in denial about Chibnall’s appointment and hope upon hope that he is just the stop gap and maybe the BBC are letting Patrick Ness try his hand at ‘Class’ to see how he’d be at Who. That way, Chibnall would only be there to fill in the gap until someone better qualified comes along. A girl can at least hope….