‘Doctor Who’ producer reveals when Season 9 will start

The new season of Doctor Who will apparently begin in September.

Responding to a fan‘s enquiry on Twitter about when the show will return, producer Nikki Wilson commented earlier today: “We’ll be back in September.”

Wilson also teased: “#DoctorWho is even bigger and better this year.”

Season 9 will kick off with a two-parter written by Steven Moffat, titled ‘The Magician’s Apprentice’ and  ‘The Witch’s Familiar’. The episodes will feature the return of Michelle Gomez as Missy.

Doctor Who 9 Missy

Last year’s Season 8 launched on Saturday 23 August on BBC One with ‘Deep Breath’.

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Season 9 began filming in Cardiff in January.

> Here’s everything we know about Season 9 so far.

Are you looking forward to Season 9? Let us know below…

  • George Karountzos

    I am looking forward For Doctor who Season 9 to come out so much!!! I can’t even wait!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

  • gretel

    Moff was always correct about the show being best shown when the evenings begin to get dark. This date also means that there won’t be a big gap until the Christmas special this year. Every little thing about the show this year has been so enticing and they have been great in their publicity. Peter C has been a god-send for the show too – spending all of his available time with fans, promoting so many great events and of course just being splendiforous as 12. So far I think Peter has even overtaken Matt as the greatest international ambassador the show has ever had.
    I really think this is the year when the show will move from great to ‘best ever’. The vibe around every aspect is so positive. Great guest stars, great lead cast, return of Missy, two parters, an overarching theme, new writers, new and returning directors. lots of events for the fans and most importantly the show is running now like clock-work.
    I predict now that ratings for the debut episode will be the highest ever and this year should match or beat least series to be the most popular since the reboot.
    C’mon September!

    • Jack Holt

      The consensus at our house in California US is that Peter C has been a catastrophe as the Doctor. Too grumpy! He made Clara cry! I could not believe my eyes. What kind of writing is that?Please let him lighten up in this next series!!

      • Dr. Moo

        “Too grumpy”? Try watching the 1st Doctor, or the 6th Doctor, or the 9th Doctor, or the War Doctor. On occasion even the 3rd and 7th Doctors. And stop upvoting your own comments. 🙂

  • Dr. Moo

    Series nine cannot arrive soon enough. After series eight was so wonderful I have no idea how series nine could ever top it but I have every confidence in Mr Moff to continue upping his game. The show is at the best it’s been since the early Tom Baker years and I’m sure it will continue this way for years to come!

    • gretel

      It’s really fantastic, isn’t it? A 50 year old show in a reboot which occurred 10 years ago, but over the last year it has reached heights both in terms of global popularity and quality which it hadn’t previously. I am saying this as someone who thought series 5 would never be topped but series 8 has already done that. Moff and Peter C are just a match made in heaven and it’s as if each one is making the other work at the very top of their game.
      I just know that this year will be the high water mark when you hear the teasers about the plot and you see the seriously amazing quality of the acting talent in particular.
      My other big thumbs up goes to the amount of promotion the show has done with Peter as the new doctor. I think he must really welcome doing this kind of thing in a way that Matt clearly wanted to and certainly David and Chris never wanted to do. You do have to laugh when the sceptics thought Peter would only last one series due to his ‘age’ when he has already run rings around all three of his younger predecessors in terms of promotion, fan events, signings and conventions. this is a guy who did a world tour before the show aired last year. Peter is frankly the best thing that has ever happened to the show since 2005 and it is really great that fans and critics have embraced him so positively as well – he really deserves this success.



  • CatnipTARDIS

    I understand and support the reasons behind NewWho being an autumn show, but I also loved how the Xmas special shortened the epic wait until the next April-ish. :/

  • doctorwholover

    3 month to Goooooo 🙂

  • Shimon D Nyman

    They were off by months last series. Until they confirm an actual date i do not trust them

  • Paul Dunford

    It’s SERIES 9 not Season 9. We are not going to have Doctor Who Americanised now are we???

  • farsighted

    Capaldi’s a great Doctor! Can’t wait to see what’s happening in Series/Season 9. (Americans are used to Seasons; but it’s all the same when it comes down to it). Ten more weeks until the best show on tv!